12 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water

A 100 ml of coconut water contains about just 19 calories, making it a great choice for weight-loss. This hydrating drink is great for your skin too. Coconut water works as a natural moisturizer and helps soothe dry and damaged skin cells.

Popular throughout the world for its multiple benefits and refreshing taste, it is hard to imagine that anything can be as sweet and healthy as coconut water itself. With no fats and absolutely zero cholesterol, coconut water can play a vital role in improving your health and fitness; whether it is related to the heart or to the kidneys, coconut water has shown to be a great natural remedy for problems that plague everyone’s health, making it easier for you to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Naturally found inside tender coconuts, coconut water is a great for the summer months when we look for multiple ways of keeping ourselves hydrated. In fact, one of the first things suggested to anyone who is dehydrated is a few sips of coconut water to bring back the electrolyte balance in the body. Coconut water is gentle on the stomach too, and those recuperating from a stomach-related ailment are also advised to consume what is rightly called nature’s own energy drink. Natural coconut water contains 5 crucial components that make it so effective and beneficial to human body, these are: sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium. It is naturally low in calories and the demand for coconut water is skyrocketing around the world.

There are several brands selling packaged coconut water in India.

We did an in-depth review of the top 8 brands to arrive at the tastiest and healthiest packaged coconut water available.

 12 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Water

Raw Pressery 100% Natural Coconut Water is our Top Pick for the tastiest packaged coconut water. It tastes as close to natural tender coconut water as it can get, has no added sugar and is not made from a concentrate unlike a few others.

Size: 250 ml, Price: Rs. 80*

*At the time of review

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Here are 12 amazing benefits associated with coconut water

1. Coconut Water For Weight Loss

A 100 ml of coconut water contains about just 19 calories, making it a great choice for a weight-loss diet. Additionally, a weight loss diet is most effective when you drink enough fluids, and your digestive system is working fine with no complaints of constipation. Coconut water can easily be your go-to drink when you are trying to shed extra kilos. Not only can it be consumed guilt-free, thanks to its low calorific value, coconut water is great for those working out or putting in extra rounds of cardio for weight loss. Instead of relying on sugary drinks post workout, a glass of chilled coconut water is the best option.

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2. Promotes Healthy Digestion

Coconut water is a good source of fiber. These fibers when ingested, are` quite beneficial for keeping the stomach filled for a longer period of time and preventing you from over-eating. The fibers are also quite important for the treatment of digestion related problem as they can easily add bulk to the stool and aid in getting rid of the waste as quickly as possible.

3. Maintains Blood Glucose Level

L-arginine, a component that is abundantly found in coconut water, is known to exhibit anti-diabetic and antithrombotic qualities. According to a study done on diabetic rats, the adequate consumption of coconut water was responsible for lowering their blood sugar level (1). However, it is also important that if you are drinking coconut water for the sole purpose of reducing the blood sugar level, you must choose plain coconut water over the one that is sweetened. There should be no ‘added sugar’ in the brands you pick.

4. Natural Energy Drink

The electrolyte balance in coconut water makes it a widely consumed drink for better performance during exercising. Acting as a natural hydrator, coconut water appears to have the similar effects on the body as other energy drinks but without all that added sugar and preservatives! Moreover, due to the high potassium content in coconut water it has reigned supreme as a better choice over other energy drinks available in the market.

health benefits of coconut water
The electrolyte concentration and zero sugar make coconut water a great energy drink alternative.

5. Improves Kidney Health

Coconut water helps expel the excess water from the body and along with it minerals such as potassium and chlorine. If there is a significant increase in the level of these minerals in the bloodstream, they tend to get deposited over the kidney lining, forming a thin film that could later increase the risk of stone formation in the kidneys. Thus, by expelling these minerals, coconut water reduces the risk of kidney stone formation. On the other hand, due to its natural anti-bacterial properties, it is known to cure other infections that might affect out bladder or intestines.

6. Improves Bone Density

Though not as rich in calcium as milk, coconut water contains a significant amount of calcium that can make it quite a beneficial item for bone health. Calcium is an important mineral as it is considered to the building block for bones and teeth. Since the calcium content in coconut water is quite high, it can be a powerful food item to incorporate for a calcium-rich diet.

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7. Promotes Heart Health

The health of the heart is inversely proportional to the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Since there is zero cholesterol in a glass of coconut water – also home to naturally occurring chemicals that are responsible for reducing the level of cholesterol in the body – the consumption of coconut water sure is great option in order to prevent the occurrence of any cardiovascular disease.

8. Maintains Blood Pressure

This is another factor that affects the cardiovascular health of the body. The incorporation of the food items that are good for maintain healthy blood pressure are also good for cardiovascular health. It is advised to consume mineral filled coconut water when it comes to managing heart conditions like blood pressure.

9. Can Be Categorised As A Natural Moisturizer

Having a glass of coconut water every day will make you forget about all of the other beauty products. Filled with a certain type of anti-oxidants called cytokines, coconut water prevents wrinkles, and reduces pigmentation. It is also helpful for the reduction of acne and skin irritation, as its anti-microbial nature prevents the external pathogens from attacking the skin and causing inflammation. Coconut water works as a natural moisturizer and its consumption helps in stopping the occurrence of dry and damaged skin cells.

10. Healthy Hair

Yes, apart from having beauty benefits related to the skin’s health, coconut water is also an essential product for the health of the hair. This is due to the fact that the same antioxidant called cytokine, which is responsible for a radiant and glowing skin, is also an essential nutrient required by the scalp in order to effectively nourish the hair follicles, which further results in healthy hair.

11. Good During Pregnancies

Containing various nutrients such as amino acids, potassium, and vitamins B and C in just a single serving, coconut water is a beneficial drink that can be quite nourishing to both mother and baby. Being one of the safest sources of vitamins, minerals and calcium, coconut water is recommended to pregnant women, especially those who live in hot, tropical climates. In addition, coconut water can be a good source of fibre and hydration for a new mother as well. However, pregnant women and lactating mothers should only start something new after consulting their health experts, and we recommend the same.

12. Good For Cooling And Hydration

This is one of most popular benefits of drinking coconut water. The electrolyte content of coconut water is responsible for hydration and keeping the energy up throughout the day. Moreover, it is also responsible for producing a cooling sensation inside of the body and helps in maintaining its temperature, which, by the way, makes it a wonderful treat for the summer time.

There’s no match for coconut water. However, if you don’t have regular access to fresh coconut water, or you prefer the convenience of carrying a bottle of packaged coconut water around, be sure to pick the right brand. A lot of packaged bottles of coconut water contain preservatives and added sugar that may, in fact, harm your health instead of bringing you good health in the long run. We reviewed 8 popular brands in India to find out the tastiest and healthiest packaged coconut water. Read our full review here.

For now, let’s raise a toast to the health benefits of coconut water with a glass of, what else, coconut water! Cheers!

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