12 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Muesli Everyday

Did you know that an antioxidant and protein-rich bowl of muesli can be quite beneficial for your blood pressure and weight loss? Here is the list of some spectacular health benefits linked with the incorporation of muesli in your daily diet.

Muesli is one of the most popular and healthy breakfast foods around the world. Enjoyed usually with cold milk or yogurt, muesli is a favorite of those who want a super delicious, yet quick and healthy breakfast for a busy weekday morning. Putting together a bowl of muesli hardly takes any time, and is very healthy to boot. Add some fresh fruits, nuts, fresh dried fruits and healthy seeds, and your morning bowl of nutrition is ready! Did you know that muesli was first created in the early 20th century by a Swiss physician by the name of Maximilian Bircher-Benner? At the time, Dr. Bircher-benner used muesli as a dietary supplement for his patients. In fact, the popular and healthy breakfast dish bircher muesli gets its name from the creator of muesli. Muesli, which is often had with milk, is considered to be one of those all-rounder and best food items that can be eaten at any time of the day. It’s easy, quick, tasty and very healthy. Muesli often contains a mixture of different ingredients like oats, fresh dried fruits, and nuts and everyone can have their favorite flavor combination. When it is not made using added sugar, or accompanied by too much cream, a bowl of muesli every morning can be the best way to start your day on a healthy note. Sugar, in any form, in your muesli can be a bad idea.

Muesli is a mixture which has ingredients like rolled oats, fresh dried fruits, nuts, as well as seeds. It can even be best combined with liquids like milk, almond milk, yogurt or any fruit juice.

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12 Health Benefits Of Muesli You Should Know

Traditionally, muesli is made with less quantity of sugar, and is consumed with milk. The extra sweetness, if you want, is meant to be added with fresh fruits such as apples, pear, and grapes, and not sugar, in any form. You can also add a spoonful of fresh dried fruits like apricots and dates, and nuts for a chunky, chewy texture. This healthy mix of ingredients and nutrients present in Muesli makes it one of the healthiest and best breakfast options as compared to other breakfast cereals.

Here are the 12 benefits that make muesli a breakfast fit for champions:

1. Protein Content

Muesli, being a mixture that contains foods like dried fruits and nuts, is a rich source of protein along with omega-3 fatty acids. The protein content and omega-3 fatty acids of muesli can also be increased by further mixing it with milk before serving. The higher protein content in muesli makes it a suitable choice for anyone trying to eat healthily and remain fit, as protein is responsible for fast metabolism and quick burning of fat, and muscle growth. Protein helps the body to build and further repair tissues, which is one of the most important factors to keep healthy. Protein also helps making enzymes, and hormones along with other chemicals in the body. You could say that protein is the building block of everything like muscles, bones, skin and blood.

2. Healthiest Option Among Others

The taste of cornflakes or wheat flakes and other cereals may tempt you a little bit, but their nutritional value is low when compared to that of muesli. Due to its low sugar content as well as low calorific value, muesli is considered to be the best and healthiest cereal that one could choose for in the morning. Both foods including cornflakes or wheat flakes and granola have higher calorific value as compared to muesli.

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health benefits of muesli
The low sugar content in Muesli makes it one of the healthiest choices among other breakfast cereals

3. Higher Concentration Of Anti-oxidants

By keeping our body stress free, anti-oxidants keep free radicals away and also deal with oxidative stress. Thanks to the anti-oxidants present in a bowl of muesli, regular consumption can help look after your skin as well as your brain. It also helps to protect our body against various internal damages. Free radicals are said to be molecules that are responsible for damaging the cells in your body. Free radicals are generally linked to premature aging and lot of diseases.

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4. Provides Energy To Your Body

A healthy breakfast must include good sources of carbohydrates, especially because your body needs to come out of ‘fasting’ with healthy energy sources, and not junk. The carbohydrates present in an average bowl of muesli can help us give energy, and that’s why it is normally advised to eat muesli as a healthy breakfast cereal. This also helps start your day in a more energetic and productive way. You could lots of dried fruit and nuts and seeds to add to the energy in your body.

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Carbohydrate-deficient foods may sometimes cause headaches or fatigues, thus muesli plays an important role by providing an adequate amount of fuel to our brain and our muscles so that they may function properly.

5. Rich In Fiber

Muesli contains oats, making it a good source of fiber, further making it nutritionally rich. The benefits of having a high-fiber diet like oats may include the lowering of cholesterol levels and the normalizing of bowel movements. Foods rich in fiber can help make the digestion process smooth by adding bulk. When mixed with fresh fruits like apple and pears, with their peels on, bowl muesli can become even healthier. Fibrous foods also include nuts, dried fruits along with oats, which will help enhance your breakfast in a healthy way. Fiber can be of two types- soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is mostly found in foods like oats, apples, as well as fresh citrus fruits. Soluble fiber is a form of fiber that tends to dissolve in water and takes longer for the the body to digest. Insoluble fiber generally encourages the increase of stool bulk, and is great for those who are constipated.

Note: If you wish to sweeten your muesli, make sure you don’t add sugar or any other sweetener to it. You could even add lots of fruits or dried fruits like raisins, prunes, etc. to it to add that hint of sweetness. Fruits and dried fruits will not only add sweetness, but also have a lot of fiber to add to your bowlful of muesli.

Due to muesli’s high-fiber content, especially due to oats, it is more filling than any other so-called healthy breakfast cereal. So if you are looking for foods that are good for not just weight loss, but also healthy weight loss, then muesli would prove to be a better option as it keeps your stomach filled for a long time. If you are looking to lose weight, make sure you don’t add sugar to your muesli, otherwise the whole idea of losing weight will come crashing.

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6. High Mineral Content

Muesli has higher mineral concentration, making it highly nutritional. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and also magnesium, are commonly associated with muesli’s benefits. Foods high in mineral content can help our body in the removal of excess water, as it can also help in the movement of the excess water into the bladder by reversing the effects of salt. A mineral rich diet will include food sources like mushrooms, whole grains, dark leafy greens and dried fruits. For good health, it is very important to eat mineral rich food sources. Always ensure loading up on essential minerals and vitamins, including large amounts of selenium, magnesium, and potassium among others.

health benefits of Muesli
The high quantity of calcium and other minerals are responsible for healthy bones and low blood pressure

7. Rich Source Of Vitamins

Muesli, which also has oats, is a rich source of vitamins, making it nutritionally rich. The vitamins which are commonly present in a bowl of muesli are vitamin K, A, E and C. Thus, due to the presence of these different types of vitamins, a bowl of muesli also has a good effect on your overall health and wellness. The benefits which are traditionally credited to Muesli due to these vitamins are:

8. Helps In Maintaining Eyesight.

Muesli is also packed with nutrient rich grains and fruits and nuts. Ingredients including seeds like flax and sunflower or fruits like cranberry are commonly found in muesli. These are filled with anti-oxidants. Nutrients as well as anti-oxidants are absolutely essential for the good health of your eyes.

9. Supports Bone Health.

One of the best muesli benefits is that it is is very rich in proteins. Proteins aid in improving bone health and also help improve your hair. Apart from that, the milk you add in muesli adds up to the calcium which further helps up your bone health.

10. Fights Heart Related Issues.

Muesli, mixed with milk, contains manganese and also low saturated fats. These help in keeping the heart healthy. You can read more about heart friendly foods here.

11. Improves Iron Absorption.

Oats are also a major component of muesli. These are a rich source of important nutrients like iron, folate and protein as well as magnesium, all of which are beneficial for the body. Iron also tends to keep your blood pressure in check. Make sure to add muesli in your diet, so that you get to load up on more oats and other foods.

12. Improves Cognitive Power.

Iron in the body plays a key role in the proper functioning of the brain since it transports oxygen to the brain cells. Iron rich food articles like muesli ensure proper flow of oxygen to the brain, thereby ensuring proper functioning of the brain.

The Bottom Line

Well, the bottom line is that muesli, being a mix of different kinds of nutrient-rich items, is a storehouse of nutrition. In fact, it is not only an item that can be eaten in the morning, being light and easy-to-make, but also allow muesli to be enjoyed anytime during the day as a quick, healthy on-the-go-meal.

So, if you need to maintain your weight, increase your metabolism, or live a healthy lifestyle, then make sure that you grab yourself a bowl of muesli every morning. Just make sure your bowl has all the right ingredients in it, like fruits, yogurt, nuts, and seeds. Don’t take away the good qualities of muesli by adding unnecessary sugar. Enjoy the oats, nuts as well as dried fruits in muesli that you would love to have everyday. Don’t forget to dump your cornflakes or wheat flakes which are have lesser nutritional value to offer.

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