Aakash Namkeen Raita Boondi: Packaging, Price and Flavor Details

Aakash Namkeen Boondi comes packed in a neat dark green-colored pack. It has a very mild flavor to it and is pale yellow in color.

Aakash Namkeen Boondi comes in a 150-gram pack. It is prepared with ingredients including gram flour, edible vegetable oil, salt, and spices. The pack has information including nutrition facts, calories, and says that the boondi doesn’t have cholesterol, MSG, and artificial colors added to it.

Packaging of Aakash Namkeen Raita Boondi

The boondi comes packed in a neat dark green-colored pack.

Pricing Information About Aakash Namkeen Raita Boondi

The 150-gram pack is priced at Rs. 35. It suggests keeping the boondi in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. It is also gluten-free; so if you are allergic to gluten or avoid it to watch your weight, you can enjoy this one in your raita. Know the important nutritional facts about the boondi:

Nutritional Information Per 100 gram
Energy 632.96 Kcal
Protein 10.97 gms
Carbohydrate 33.98 gms
Fat 50.35 gms
Sugar 0.0 gms

Flavor of Aakash Namkeen Raita Boondi

Aakash boondi has a very mild flavor to it and is pale yellow in color. You cannot really taste the salt and spices in the boondi.

Mishry Secret Sauce

For the Mishry Secret Sauce, we prepared raita for all the boondi brands. The raita was prepared with salt, red chili powder, jeera powder, and a dash of sugar. Team Mishry put the boondis of all brands in separate bowls containing raita and checked for their flavor and crunchiness. The boondi barely had its own flavor to offer to the raita. (Read our full BEST BOONDI BRAND TO BUY REVIEW)

Aakash Namkeen Raita BoondiCustomer Care Details:

Email ID: c.care@aakashnamkeen.com

Phone Number: 0731-2904777

*Please note that all the information shared here is based on our review and/or has been extracted from the product packaging.

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