Amul Premium Dahi: Packaging, Price And Flavor Details

Amul Premium Dahi grabs your attention with its bright yellow and green color packaging. Amul premium Dahi was one of our winners for the tastiest, Creamiest Packaged Dahi Review.

One of the most popularly available brands and also one of the winners of our Tastiest, Creamiest Packaged Dahi Review, Amul Premium is made from pasteurized toned milk, milk solids and active culture, and is available in cups and pouches. According to Amul’s website, “Dahi is prepared from the purest, freshest pasteurized milk and is free from any added sugar.” Moreover, it doesn’t contain any preservative and is prepared from certified and selected bacterial culture.

Packaging of Amul Premium Dahi

Amul Premium Dahi grabs your attention with its bright yellow and green color packaging. It holds quite a lot of information about nutrition, ingredients, price, quantity, et al.

Pricing Information About Amul Premium Dahi

The 400 gram pack of Premium dahi is priced at Rs. 50 and should be consumed within 15 days of opening the pack. Here’s all the nutritional information you’ll need before buying Amul Premium Dahi

Nutritional information Per 100 grams
Energy 74.1 Kcal
Total Fat 4.5 gms
Saturated Fat 2.9 gms
Total Carbohydrates 4.4 gms
Added Sugar 0.0 gms
Protein 4.0 gms
Calcium 138 gms

Flavor of Amul Premium Dahi

Amul Premium Dahi is one of the winners of the Mishry Tastiest, Creamiest Packaged Dahi Review. It was creamy and exceptionally firm and well-set. It was thick, rich and happened to top the taste charts as well. This creamy dahi can be great for making dips, and marinations; thanks to the negligible whey it contains. (Read our full BEST PACKAGED DAHI REVIEW)

Mishry Secret Sauce

We set a bowlful of homemade curd using Amul Premium Dahi starter for Mishry Secret Sauce. The curd was not only well-set, but also firm and creamy, just like the original packaged one.

Amul Premium Dahi Customer Care Details:

Email ID:

Contact Number: 18002583333

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