Benefits Of Curry Leaves: Incredible Reasons To Add Kadi Patta In Your Diet

Benefits of curry leaves: You would want to add more kadi patta in your diet, because of the innumerable benefits we are going to tell you.

Curry leaves are known for their unique flavor. They are one of the most widely used ingredients used for tempering Indian cuisines. Most of us throw away the curry leaves while eating, though we enjoy the taste that has been already infused into our dishes. After reading this, you will never again do this, because of the innumerable benefits of curry leaves we are going to tell you about.

Benefits Of Curry Leaves | Reasons Why You Should Include Curry Leaves In Your Diet

1. Keeps iron-deficiency diseases away

When you eat curry leaves regularly, you will never experience any ailments related to iron-deficiency such as anemia, low hemoglobin, dehydration, fatigue, etc. Curry leaves are rich sources of iron and folic acid. The folic acid of the leaves helps your body to absorb iron better than before. Therefore, if you want to improve the iron levels in your body, you have to eat a lot of curry leaves regularly.

2. Helps you lose weight | Curry leaves and weight loss

Curry leaves are loaded with nutrients that help you cut off the extra flab in your body with ease. This is why these leaves are an important part of the Ayurveda weight loss remedies. Many thousands of years ago, Ayurveda researches proved that curry leaves are very effective for weight loss as well, apart from its aroma.

The carbazole alkaloids found in curry leaves help to keep your cholesterol levels under control, thanks to which you can succeed in weight-loss goals. When you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, you don’t have to hunt for any fancy foods in the supermarkets. You can chew some fresh curry leaves on an empty stomach every morning. This, when combined with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, will definitely bring about desired weight loss in you.

Benefits Of Curry leaves

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Curry leaves benefits: Curry leaves are loaded with nutrients that help you cut off the extra flab

3. Good For Your Gut

Since they are packed with a lot of nutrients such as Vitamins A, B2, and C, curry leaves are considered to be very good for your gut. You can get rid of problems such as irregular bowel movement, dysentery, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, constipation and the like. Chewing fresh curry leaves every morning will keep your gut healthy and free of all toxins. You can also powder a few curry leaves and add it to a glass of buttermilk. Add a few fenugreek seeds to this refreshing drink and consume it daily to keep your stomach healthy.

According to Ayurveda, curry leaves help to maintain the pitta balance in your body, thereby making you less prone to problems like gas, bloating, etc. The carminative and laxative properties of curry leaves provide a lot of relief to your gastrointestinal tract. Blend a few curry leaves and make a juice out of it. Now, add a few drops of lemon juice to this. Drink this mixture every day to get rid of gastric problems.

 Benefits Of Curry Leaves
Benefits Of Curry Leaves

4. Regulates Blood Cholesterol Levels

Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants; therefore, they control the formation of LDL in your body. LDL or low-density lipoprotein is the bad cholesterol that blocks the arteries of the heart and reduces its blood-pumping capacity, thereby leading to cardiac-related ailments. LDL is formed when the cholesterol is oxidized.

Thanks to the abundant antioxidants present in them, curry leaves prevent this oxidization and stop the cells from being damaged due to oxidative stress caused by the free radicals. When the cholesterol levels are brought under control, you become less prone to heart diseases, strokes, atherosclerosis and more.

5. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

If you already have diabetes, you can eat curry leaves regularly for managing blood sugar levels. Since they are rich in antioxidants, they stop the free radicals from damaging the pancreas. Curry leaves are also rich in minerals such as zinc, copper, iron and more. This ensures that the blood sugar levels are kept at a healthy-low at all times.

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6. Relieves Morning Sickness

In their first trimester of pregnancy, many women suffer from morning sickness and nausea. When they chew a few curry leaves on an empty stomach, they will experience a visible improvement in their nausea. These leaves encourage the production of digestion enzymes in your body, thanks to which women feel a reduced sensation to vomit.

Curry leaves benefits: It helps you get rid of morning sickness

7. Improves Immunity

Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin C, an element which is very essential for improving one’s immunity. Also, the antioxidants found in curry leaves block all kinds of cell damage that are caused by the oxidative stress released by free radicals. Curry leaves are known for their anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

The anti-inflammatory compounds such as linalool present in curry leaves, help it to treat open wounds and reduce the infection. The aroma and the ingredients of curry leaves can kill all types of bacterial, fungal and viral infestations in our body, thereby making us less prone to common ailments such as cold, flu and cough. When you have an open wound or skin burns, make a paste out of curry leaves and apply it on the wound. Leave the paste overnight to recover quickly.

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8. Improves Your Vision

Since curry leaves are good sources of Vitamin A, they can be consumed regularly if you want healthy eyes and normal vision.  The carotenoids in curry leaves can improve the health of the cornea. Also, studies have proved that regular consumption of curry leaves can reduce the early formation of cataracts.

9. Great For Your Liver

Curry leaves contain an effective antioxidant named kaempferol, which is very good for protecting your liver. These antioxidants prevent oxidative stress caused to the liver, thereby keeping this vital organ safe from toxins.

10. Excellent Stress-relief Tool

Are you suffering from stress, hypertension, depression or any other form of anxiety? Inhaling the aroma of essential oils that contain curry leaves is considered to be an effective remedy to reduce stress and keep you safe from stress-related ailments such as migraines.

Curry leaves for improving the overall health of your hair

Apart from your health, curry leaves are also considered to be very effective for your hair.  The benefits of curry leaves for hair are:

1. Helps To Prevent Premature Greying

Hair turning grey in the 20s or 30s is mostly unwanted. Hair colors are only temporary quick-fixes. Many believe that if you want to get rid of the grey hair problem permanently, you should opt to add curry leaves to your diet. These leaves are rich in Vitamin B, which protect your hair at all times.

Benefits of curry leaves: Curry leaves are said to be effective for your hair too

2. Prevents Hair loss

Problems such as hair loss and hair thinning can be caused due to stress, genetic conditions, medications, etc. However, the amino acids, carotenes, and antioxidants strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair-fall issues. Also, these effective ingredients make your hair dense and voluminous.

3. Moisturizes Dry Hair

If you want to bring back the moisture content in your hair and keep it hydrated at all times, you have to condition it well. Add a few curry leaves to hot coconut oil before applying the warm oil all over your scalp. Leave the oil on overnight before washing off with a mild shampoo in the morning. When your hair doesn’t get any moisture, it becomes dry and becomes more prone to breakage and frizz. Therefore, treat it with curry leaves regularly to make it healthy.

Things To Note

Curry leaves are very safe for adults and kids. For best results, you can chew around 8 to 10 curry leaves every day on an empty stomach. The nutrients and antioxidants in the leaves are absorbed well by your body when you consume curry leaves before any other food item.

The best part of curry leaves is that it can be eaten raw as well. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is better to eat curry leaves after checking with your doctor, so that you don’t develop any complications.


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