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Best Ghevar Brands in India For This Festive Season

Looking for the tastiest Ghevar this festive season? We have a winner!

Originated in Rajasthan, Ghevar is a deep-fried dessert available in the month of saawan (as per the Hindu calendar) around the festival of Teej. Defined by the typical honeycomb design, ghevar (घेवर) is a much-awaited dessert available in parts of the Northern/Western belt during monsoons. Why just during the monsoons? Ghevar needs humidity and moisture in the air to attain that sponginess, which is why it’s primarily sold during this time of the year.

Keeping the location of our HQ in mind, we ordered ghevar from three popular sweet shops in Delhi NCR – Haldiram’s, Bikanervala, and Om Sweets. We checked them for flavor, the texture of the base, malai/khoya’s creaminess, and the amount of toppings added. 

We chose the Khoya Ghevar from Om Sweets (Top Pick) as one of the best ghevar brands in India for its moist base, deliciously creamy, and fresh topping. We Also Recommend the Malai Ghevar from Haldiram’s.

Ghevar Brands in India– Everything You Need To Know

Ghevars are primarily of two types – sweetened and unsweetened. The sweetened versions, especially the ones topped with khoya or malai, are best consumed fresh. They do not have a long shelf life. This is why they are not easily deliverable and don’t really travel well between cities. Ghevar brands in India are plenty but they all cater to limited geographical locations.

Here is all that you need to know about our review –

1. Reviewed Brands

To be qualified to be a part of our Ghevar review, the brands had to be popular chain sweet shops in or around Delhi NCR. Home Chefs were not considered for this review due to delivery and availability issues. We picked three brands for our review – 

  • Bikanervala
  • Haldiram’s
  • Om Sweets

2. Available Sizes

Ghevars are available by weight. While getting them delivered through an online food delivery portal, three options appear – 

  • 250 gms
  • 500 gms
  • 1 kg

3. Price Range

The price range of ghevars can vary from brand to brand. The number of nuts added, the use of aromatics like saffron, and the topping of khoya or malai also determine the price.

On an average ½ kg malai and khoya ghevar can be priced between Rs 250 to Rs 350/-.

4. Packaging

Ghevars are usually packed neatly on plastic trays or thick parchment paper before they are placed inside a cardboard box.

5. Shelf Life

Due to their short shelf life, it is best to consume a malai or khoya ghevar on the same day. If you have unsweetened ghevars, they can last longer in comparison. Do look for stickers on the box and ask your mithaiwala for the ‘best before’ date.

6. Availability

Easily available at local sweet shops during July and August (month of saawan). Geographically, ghevars are mostly popular in North and North West India (Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and parts of Punjab).

Ghevar Sweet Brands – Our Review Factors

To find the tastiest ghevar brand we set the following parameters – 

1. Flavour

In a single bite, how well do all the layers of ghevar taste? How is the overall experience? Could we detect notes of cardamom? Can we taste ghee or any dominant flavor of fat?

2. Balanced Sweetness

After being deep-fried in ghee, ghevars are dipped in sugar syrup to get those gooey, wet pockets of the mithai. If dipped for too long, the ghevar can become extremely sweet, soggy, and lose its honeycomb shape and texture.

Is the sweetness of the ghevar in need of improvement, balanced or is it too sweet?

3. Appearance

How appetizing does the ghevar look? When it reached us, were the pieces uniformly cut, or did we receive broken pieces?

4. Texture

Could we see the honeycomb texture of the ghevar? Is it dry, moist or too wet? Is the malai topping smooth and creamy or is it grainy?

5. Toppings

What are the toppings on the ghevar? Malai, khoya, any dry fruits, saffron or varq (silver leaf). Is the topping to base ratio balanced? 

6. Price

Is the ghevar priced fairly or is it overpriced? If priced more than its competition, does the flavor and quality of ingredients justify the price?

Ghevar Sweet Brands in India – Detailed Review

Here is a comparison table of all the ghevar brands we reviewed along with their prices, type, availability and sizes.

comparison table best ghevar in India

Note – We ordered the Khoya Ghevar from Om Sweets and Malai Ghevar from Bikanervala and Haldiram’s. This was because, even after multiple attempts, malai ghevar remained unavailable at Om Sweets. So we ordered the closest alternative.

1. Om Sweets Ghevar – Mishry Top Pick

We ordered 500 gms of Khoya ghevar from Om Sweets. The base price of the Ghewar is Rs 250/-. It cost us Rs 328/- after taxes and delivery charges. The octagon box is fairly simple and we received 1 whole piece plus a small piece in a 500 gm box. 

The base is moist, but not wet. It’s soft, has a slight sponginess, and is not crumbly at all. We love that the khoya layer on top is very fresh. The khoya to ghevar base ratio is extremely balanced. There are a lot of slivered almonds and pista on top.

om sweets ghevar packaging
Om Sweets ghevar is packed in a simple octagon box.
om sweets ghevar contents
We ordered 500 gms of the Khoya Ghevar from Om Sweets
closer look at om sweets ghevar
Closer look at the Khoya Ghevar from Om Sweets.
om sweets ghevar layers
The ratio of ghevar to khoya topping is perfect.


  • The base price for a 500 gm khoya ghevar is Rs 250/-.
  • The ghevar is packed in an octagon box. 


  • The base is moist and doesn’t crumble. 
  • The creamy, rich khoya topping is delicious.
  • There are ample amounts of chopped nuts on top. 
  • The ratio of base to khoya topping is perfect.


  • The sweetness might seem on the higher side for some. 

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a soft, delicious ghevar in and around Delhi NCR, Om Sweets Khoya Ghevar is a great option.

2. Haldiram Ghevar – Also Recommended

Haldiram’s Malai Ghevar is priced at Rs 325/- for 500 gms. We paid Rs 397/- after taxes and delivery. Haldiram’s packaging is very festive. The yellow and pink box with the gold printing is very attractive. 

Haldiram’s ghevar was a full single piece when we received it. It looks delicious with a topping of a thin coating of malai, nuts – pistachio, almonds, magaz, a sprinkle of saffron water, and varq.

The ghevar is golden brown in color and a little dry. We missed the little spongy and airy pockets of ghevar. The texture of the base definitely needs improvement.

The base to topping ratio is balanced. We loved the delicate rose and cardamom flavor in this ghevar. The nuts on top make it even more delicious.

haldiram ghevar packaging
Haldiram’s Malai Ghevar came in a festive cooking yellow and pink colored box.
haldiram ghevar toppings
Haldiram’s Ghevar has an ample amount of toppings and looks appetising.
closer look at the haldiram ghevar layers
Closer look at the layers of Haldiram’s Malai Ghevar.


  • The base price for a 500 gm malai ghevar is Rs 325/-.
  • The ghevar is packed in a festive looking square box. 


  • The malai to base ratio is perfect.
  • The sweetness levels are balanced.
  • Toppings like almonds, pistachios add the much needed crunch.
  • Very appetising to look at. There are no broken pieces. 
  • The rose and cardamom flavor in the ghevar is delicious.


  • The ghevar is dry and lacks the signature sponginess. 

3. Bikanervala Ghevar

Bikanervala’s Malai Ghevar is priced at Rs 340/- for 500 gms. We paid Rs 442/- post delivery and taxes. The ghevar is packed in a plain-looking octagon box. The pieces we received were all broken. This reduced the overall experience by a large margin.

There were a lot of aspects that did not work for Bikanervala’s Malai Ghevar – From the dry ghevar base to the thick, dense malai layer and the lack of substantial nuts. The ratio of base to malai is also very uneven. 

bikanervala ghevar packaging
The Bikanerala ghevar comes in a simple looking octagon box.
bikanervala ghevar taste test
The Bikanervala Ghevar has a dry base and the malai on top is too dense.
closer look at bikanervala ghevar layers
Closer look at the Bikanervala Malai Ghevar layers.


  • The base price for a 500 gm malai ghevar by Bikanervala is Rs 340/-.
  • The packaging is simple and the ghevar comes in an octagon box. 


  • The ghevar is too dry.
  • The balance of malai to base is not in proportion.
  • There is no significant flavor of rose, cardamom or any other essence. 
  • The quantity of nuts is low.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

best ghevar brands in india mishry recommendation and top pick
From left to right - Haldiram’s Malai Ghevar, Om Sweets Khoya Ghevar, Bikanervala Malai Ghevar.

Why did we choose Om Sweets Khoya Ghevar as our Top Pick and why do we recommend the Malai Ghevar by Haldiram’s?

Om Sweets is our Top Pick! People who have access to Om Sweets should definitely go for it. For those who don’t, you can opt for our second recommendation – Haldiram’s.

The fresh, smooth, rich khoya on top paired with an airy base, balanced sweetness, and just the right amount of moisture. All these attributes helped make Khoya Ghevar from Om Sweets our winner.

Haldiram’s, although a bit dry, has a delicious rose-infused topping. We loved the saffron, almond, and varq garnishings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on ghevar brands in India.

1. Is ghevar good for health?

Ghevar is a deep fried dessert made using ghee, milk and refined flour. It is then soaked in a sugar syrup and topped with nuts, saffron and khoya or malai. This is a high calorie dessert and it is advised to maintain portion control.

2. How many days does ghevar last?

Some sweetshops advise you to consume it on the same day, while some have a longer shelf life. It usually stays good for about 3-4 days if kept in the fridge. Ask your mithaiwala to tell you more about the shelf life of the ghevar

3. Is ghevar available without sugar?

 Yes. Some sweetshops specialise in sugar-free ghevar.

4. Shall we keep ghevar in the fridge?

Ghevar is best consumed fresh, but if you must store it, you can put it in the fridge in an airtight container. It will ensure there is minimal loss of moisture. 

5. Which brand of Ghevar is best?

As per our review, Om Sweets sells the best ghevar in Delhi NCR. Haldiram’s also does a fairly good job of providing a flavorful malai ghevar. 

Final Verdict – Best Ghevar Brands

Come monsoons and you start spotting ghevar everywhere. Every renowned mithai shop has a lovely stack of this honeycomb dessert. We ordered the malai /khoya ghevar from three chain sweetshops in Delhi NCR – Om Sweets, Haldiram’s, and Bikanervala. 

We chose Om Sweets Khoya Ghevar as our Top Pick. We loved the texture of the base and the deliciously rich topping. Those who do not have access to Om Sweets can opt for the Malai Ghevar from Haldiram’s as well.

Do you love malai topped ghevar or a plain kesar ghevar? Let us know in the comment section below. 

More Desserts And Mithais For This Festive Season

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