Mishry Mums Review: Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies

Mishry Mums Review: Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies

Mishry Mums Review: Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies

Mishry Mum Deepali Bakshi reviews Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies (Choco Filled) and tells you if she likes them.

Mishry Mum Deepali Bakshi shares her thoughts on Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies here.

First Impressions: Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies

We all know what Cadbury stands for, so the expectation of the product automatically increases. These are chocolate-filled cookies that are all individually wrapped, which is a good thing. The product is priced at Rs. 30, which I feel is definitely a steal deal.

Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies

Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies are crunchy and easily satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Size: 150 grams, Price: Rs. 60/-*

*Price at the time of review

Tasting Session: Cadbury Chocobakes Cookies

They are very crunchy, and the moment you bite into them, the gooey chocolate inside just tends to melt into your mouth. It’s very delicious. For me, the sweetness is perfect; it is more like a dessert instead of a biscuit that you can have with your cup of tea. For my kid, the cookies have been sweeter, but for me, it was just perfect. It’s a big thumbs up for me!

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

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  • Dhieraj Reply

    Sound amazing ! Can’t wait to try. Your review left my mouth watering !

    March 26, 2020 at 12:55 am

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