Cello Chopper: Pricing, Features And Usability

Cello offers a red colored chopper with a three-blade system. The packaging box says, “Cello chopper is light and compact, uses minimal space and has an easy-to-use pull cord mechanism. The transparent base with anti-skid features allows you to monitor how finely the ingredients are being chopped.”

Features Of Cello Chopper

  • Unbreakable container
  • Food grade plastic
  • Superior quality blades
  • 3 blades with a cover
  • Pull-cord mechanism
  • Transparent base

Use To Chop:

As per the label, not just chopping onions, the Cello chopper can do a whole range of tasks that include:

  • Make chutneys, hummus, dips, salsa, salad dressing, etc.
  • Grind boiled pulses
  • Chop garlic, ginger, chilies for tempering
  • Chop herbs like mint, coriander, etc.
  • Mince paneer, tofu, soya, etc.
  • Dice all kinds of fruits and vegetables
  • Prepare baby/weaning foods

Usability – Mishry Secret Sauce

The lid of the chopper is slightly heavy, making the whole product heavier as compared to others. Moreover, it does not have a locking system which forbids the lid to sit properly. We chopped onions to test Cello chopper’s usability and after 10 pulls these were the results:

  • Needs more effort to pull the string
  • Slightly noisy when the string is pulled
  • Average chopping
 Cello Chopper: Pricing, Features And Usability

Cello Chopper Customer Care Details

Email ID: customercare@celloworld.com

Phone Number: 1800 102 5778

*Please note that all the information shared here is based on our review and/or has been extracted from the product packaging.

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