Ethics Statement

Ethics Statement

Mishry aims to change the way you shop for all your kitchen needs; from Cooking Essentials like flours, ghee and oils, to Small and Large Appliances, from Pots & Pans to Cooking Tools like graters and knives. Our clear intent is to pick the best products so you can make an informed choice about what to buy and bring home. During the review process, we take great efforts to make sure all products go through the same testing and tasting process. We take days, and sometimes weeks, on a single review to make sure enough is done to be able to pick the best product for our readers.

Our Product Reviews are unbiased, and never sponsored.

If a product is reviewed on request by a product manufacturer – this is possible under our ‘new product launch’ category, then we always share this information clearly on the article page. Even in these cases, our review process remains as stringent, and the article shares our objective view about how our experience with the product was.

When you buy a product through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

At the end of every review we lay out our process in a clear, transparent manner.

Samples for reviewing:

At no point, do we ask for free samples from brands for reviews. On occasion, and specifically in the case of small and large appliances, when products have been made available to us – these have been duly returned to the brands post review. In such cases, we also make this fact clear on the review page.

For high-value items, we source products directly from the brand manufacturers, and these are duly returned after the review process is over.

We never ‘barter’ a ‘favourable’ review in exchange for a free product.

How we pick products:

We pick products to review based on a variety of factors like seasonality and usage, sometimes we pick a product type because our editorial team feels a review around such products would benefit users. We also review on the basis of user requests. We never conduct competitive product reviews featuring multiple brands on the request of any brands.

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