Gopala Namkeens Masala Boondi: Packaging, Price And Flavor Details

Gopala Namkeens Masala Boondi comes in a 200 gram re-sealable packet. It contains gram flour, refined wheat flour, refined oil, red chilli powder, curry leaves and rock salt. Other information on the package includes nutritional facts, price, net quantity, etc. Gopala is mostly available in Delhi-NCR. It gets a special shout-out for being Mishry’s ‘Worth a try’ pick in our Best Boondi for Delicious, Crunchy Raita Review.

Packaging of Gopala Namkeens Masala Boondi

Gopala Masala Boondi comes in a re-sealable zip-lock packet, making it convenient for you to store the boondi without worrying about it getting soggy.

Pricing Information About Gopala Namkeens Masala Boondi

The 200 gram pack of Gopala Namkeens Boondi is priced at Rs. 65. As per the package, you must consume the boondi within six months from manufacture. Here are nutritional facts about the boondi:

Nutritional Information Per 100 gram
Energy 627 Kcal
Fat 45 gms
Saturated Fat 6 gms
Trans Fat BLQ (0.5)
Cholesterol Not detected
Carbohydrate 41 gms
Sugars 7 gms
Protein 15 gms

Flavor of Gopala Namkeens Masala Boondi

Gopala boondi has curry leaves or kadi patta in it, and has a distinct South Indian flavor to it. It is slightly spicy, so in case you love spicy food, then Gopala boondi is for you. The color of the boondi is bright orange, which is different from other brands we reviewed.

Mishry Secret Sauce

For the Mishry Secret Sauce, we prepared raita for all the boondi brands. The raita was prepared with salt, red chili powder, zeera powder, and a dash of sugar. Team Mishry put the boondis of all brands in separate bowls containing the curd mix and checked for their flavor and crunchiness. The reason why Gopala stood out in Mishry’s Best Boondi review was that it complemented the raita well and managed to retain its own flavor, further balancing the overall taste of the dish. The spicy flavor also mellowed down making the experience even better. (Read our full BEST BOONDI BRAND TO BUY REVIEW)

Gopala Namkeens Masala Boondi Customer Care Details:

Email ID: consumercare@gopala.in

Phone Number: 8588833123

*Please note that all the information shared here is based on our review and/or has been extracted from the product packaging.

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