Ikea's Salad Spinner Is Perfect For Your Homemade Salads: Mishry Review

Ikea’s Salad Spinner Is Perfect For Your Homemade Salads: Mishry Review

Ikea’s Salad Spinner Is Perfect For Your Homemade Salads: Mishry Review

The Ikea TOKIG Salad Spinner is a sturdy kitchen tool and does the job of drying out the excess water from salad greens. Read our review.

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4 / 5
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4 / 5
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4 / 5


It is a well-designed, aesthetic and solid salad spinner. The body is sturdy and the anti-slip base keeps the spinner in place. Also, the circular motion is smooth and friction-free. Overall, this product is perfect for people who enjoy salads on a regular basis.

Salads are not always boring, nor are they always healthy. A lot of us like tossing a salad every now and then at home and can be a rather tiresome process of washing, drying, cutting, chopping, and prepping. A kitchen tool that can help reduce your salad making time is a salad spinner. French inventor, Gilberte Fouineteau, is known to have created the modern-day salad spinner which is used to dry and drain excess water from vegetables. We had a lot of fun while reviewing the Ikea TOKIG Salad Spinner. Want to know if this is worth buying? Our #FirstImpression of this salad spinner is a must-read.

Facts About The Ikea TOKIG Salad Spinner

*As per information on the pack

  • Color – White
  • Dimensions – Height: 14 cm, Diameter: 23 cm
  • Material – Polypropylene plastic, Synthetic rubber
  • Handwash only.

#FirstImpression Of Ikea TOKIG Salad Spinner

Before we move on to telling you about our experience with this salad spinner, let us discuss what is a salad spinner, why do you need one at home and what does it do?

A salad spinner or a salad tosser is a handy kitchen tool that helps remove the excess water from washed greens. Usually, when we wash leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale, etc for salads, a lot of water hides between the creases of the leaves which further reduces the flavor of the salad. A salad spinner will help salad dressings stick to the leaves and veggies nicely and give you a flavorful salad.

Price and packaging – This plastic Ikea TOKIG Salad Spinner is priced at Rs 299/-. Ikea does not deliver pan India right now, but if you are within their delivery area, then you can order directly.

Our review – Very often, we feel that plastic kitchen tools aren’t sturdy or properly finished. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with the Ikea TOKIG salad spinner. This is an aesthetically designed, solid salad spinner. The quality and finish of the spinner look premium.

Like most salad spinners available in the market, the Ikea TOKIG salad spinner also has a plastic body. It has a strainer and a lid that helps with the drying process.

The colander is where you put your salad leaves for being washed and strained. You then close the lid, which has a toggle to create a centrifugal action. The basket inside rotates with the help of this, and the spinning action throws out the excess water, leaving your salad leaves dry and ready to be doused in dressing.

This Tokig Salad Spinner by Ikea works well. The body is sturdy and the anti-slip base keeps the spinner in place. The circular motion is smooth and friction-free. The water was taken out effectively, and the leaves came out dry.

We recommend this product to everyone who likes tossing up a salad at home every now and then.

Ikea TOKIG Salad Spinner

The Ikea TOKIG Salad Spinner is a nice and sturdy kitchen tool, and does what it claims – drying salad leaves.

MRP – Rs 299/-*

*Price at the time of review, Price as per Ikea’s site

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    Seems good. The same product is available on Amazon at almost double the rate.

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