Kingfisher Radler Review: #FirstImpression of Kingfisher’s Non Alcoholic Beverage

Kingfisher Radler Review: #FirstImpression of Kingfisher’s Non Alcoholic Beverage

Kingfisher Radler Review

Kingfisher Radler Review: #FirstImpression of Kingfisher’s Non Alcoholic Beverage

Kingfisher Radler has been launched in 3 flavors. We tasted all of them and here are our first impressions.

Think Kingfisher and you think beer.  (Unless, of course you think ‘bird’ which would be terribly surprising, and our guess would be that you are a teetotaller!) Jokes aside, Kingfisher, the makers of India’s most popular beer (and the ‘Kingfisher’ we were talking about in the first line) has launched their first ever ‘soft drink’. It has no alcohol content, has 100% natural ingredients and 30% less sugar, the brand claims.


Before getting further, here are the 5 quick things you should know about the new Kingfisher Radler:



  1. Kingfisher Radler is a non-alcoholic beverage. There is 0% alcohol content in all flavors.
  2. The product has 3 lemon-based variants. Mint & Lime, Lemon and the third one is Ginger & Lime Flavor.
  3. All the flavors have 30% less sugar, making them suitable for the calorie-conscious.
  4. Radler is available in 300 ml glass bottles and 300 ml cans as well. In some stores, you may also find the glass bottles being sold in packs of 4.
  5. Kingfisher Radler is made using malt and hops, among other ingredients.


The recently launched Kingfisher Radler has 3 lemon-based flavours.

I spoke to Nitin Tewari, one of India’s foremost beverage experts, to understand how a drink like this is made at the brewery. Nitin explained that unlike beer (which contains 4 ingredients primarily, namely malt, yeast, water and hops), a drink like this would not contain yeast. Yeast is what triggers fermentation of the malt (grains which have been soaked, allowed to germinate and then roasted to varying degrees as per the requirement). In the absence of the fermentation process, hops, malt and water come together to create a drink which has a resemblance with beer, only minus the alcohol content and calories, of course!

Nitin also pointed to the every-growing trend of ‘low-on-sugar’ drinks people like to try out these days. He runs a popular new restaurant and bar called Together@12 along with Chef Vanshika Bhatia in Gurugram’s Le Meridian hotel. This is a growing trend he has seen in his restaurant and this, he believes, might contribute to the Kingfisher’s low calorie approach for Radler.  (Read more about Nitin and his passion for the liquid arts here!)

Kingfisher Radler has been launched in 3 flavors. We tasted all of them and here are our first impressions:

Kindfisher Radler Reviews for all the 3 flavours.

Kingfisher Radler: Mint & Lime Flavor

Kingfisher Radler: Mint & Lime Flavour

The refreshing green color packaging is refreshing to tired, summery eyes. The mint flavor is quite strong, and if you like minty neembu-paanis, then this Kingfisher Radler flavour one is for you.

Kingfisher Radler: Lemon Flavour 


Kingfisher Radler: Lemon Flavour 

This is very very subtle and actually the lemon doesn’t come through. Almost to the point of being bland.

Kingfisher Radler: Ginger & Lime Flavor 


Kingfisher Radler: Ginger & Lime Flavour 

Amongst the three, this is the most flavorful. Its zingy and if you enjoy sipping on a glass of chilled ginger ale in the summer, you could give a try to Kingfisher’s Radler Lime Flavour drink.

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