Mishry Mums Review: Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Mishry Mums Review: Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Rich, crunchy oreo cookies dipped in decadent Cadbury chocolate, that’s what dreams are made of. Sticky fingers are guaranteed with these cookies. Mishry Mum Saugat Singh reviewed these cookies and this is what she said-

Check out Mishry Mum Saugat Singh’s review of the Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Dipped Cookies.

First Impressions:

The packaging of this cookie is really attractive and eye-catching. The packet is very easy to open and very hard to put down. A wave of chocolate aroma hits you as soon as you open the pack. There are 3 cookies inside.

Cadbury Oreo Chocolat Dipped Cookies

Crunchy Oreo cookies dipped in smooth, chocolatey Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate will delight your taste buds.

MRP: Rs 20* (Price for one pack)

Tasting Session:

There are 3 oreo cookies inside each pack. The cookies are soft with a bit of crunch and are easy to chew. The chocolate coating on the outside is rich and creamy. The cookies have the perfect amount of sweetness.

Mishry Mum Saugat Singh reviews Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Dipped Cookies.
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The Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Dipped Cookies are absolutely delicious. They are also very reasonable priced at Rs.20 for 3 cookies. This cookie is highly recommended by me.


About Mishry Mum Saugat Singh

A brand new mom of twin baby girls, Saugat’s day (and nights) are completely focused on her daughters and she is clearly beaming with happiness and adoration, every time she looks at her babies. She is extremely conscientious about what products to pick for the babies and gives enough thought to how to best take care of your physical and mental health post-delivery. She is also very passionate about animal welfare and is a huge bird lover. 

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