The Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie – Mishry Reviews

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The Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie – Mishry Reviews

Crunchy, chocolatey, and loaded with chocolate chips, that’s what our Top Pick for the Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie tastes like. We blind-tasted 6 popular brands over 2 days to arrive at our recommendations.

There are two things that make a good chocolate chip cookie – the chocolate-flavored cookie itself and the delicious chocolate chips embedded in the cookie that add a whole new dimension to every bite. We were surprised by just how many brands do a ‘choco-chip cookie’ in India. We were looking for the tastiest cookie, loaded with chocolate chips, and a combined flavor that would do justice to the love we all have for chocolate chip cookies! After reviewing 6 brands over multiple blind-tasting sessions, we can tell you that Parle’s Milano is the Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie amongst all the brands we reviewed.

Mishry Top Pick: Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie

Parle Milano Cookies

Parle Milano Cookie, 75g Pouch

Great tasting cookie with large chocolate chip chunks, and just the right amount of crunch, Parle Milano is our Top Pick for the Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Size: 100 gm, Price: Rs. 47.50*

*At the time of review

Why Is Parle Platina Milano Chocolate Chip Cookies Our Top Pick:

The cookies have a rich chocolate flavor that compliments the large chocolate chips which are soft and melt-in-your-mouth. Together, the two offer a great balance of crunchy and creamy textures.

Parle Milano Chocolate Chip Cookies are loaded with chocolate chips, making some of us wanting to eat the cooking for the chocolate chips alone!

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Parle Milano are light and airy from inside, and chunky from outside. These were the largest cookies amongst all the brands reviewed. One cookie is all you need at one time to satisfy your chocolate chip cookie craving.

Value For Money Buy: Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie

Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip

Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip, 75g

Value for money product loaded with chocolate chips, satisfactory taste, texture, and flavor.

Size: 100 gm, Price: Rs. 30*

*At the time of review

Even though Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip cookies were amongst the smallest cookies we reviewed, their overall taste is quite pleasing. The chocolate chips are flavorful and taste good. The biscuits have the signature ribbed texture from Good Day classics, which are crunchy and chocolatey to taste. You get more biscuits here for the same price (25gms more if you look at grammage). This is a satisfactory value for money pack, easy to carry and store.

Our Review Process:

We believe that Chocolate Chip Cookies are a premium buy. You would buy these for occasional consumption, whether for guests or for family. Either way, flavor, and appearance both matter to those who enjoy chocolate chip cookies. You want large, chunky biscuits that are chewy and have a great balance of flavors between the cookie dough and the chocolate chips. While commercially available chocolate chip cookies may not have a chewy texture, they can offer the rest – lots of chips in a chocolatey, perfectly-baked dough to create a chunky cookie that does not crumble or keep shedding crumbs.

tastiest chocolate chip review
Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie Review: We blind tasted 6 popular brands including Britannia, Parle, Sunfeast, and Cremica.

The Brands We Picked

Parle’s Hide And Seek (Buy Now On Amazon)

Britannia Good Day

Cremica Chocolate Chip Cookies

Unibic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Parle Milano Cookies (Buy Now On Amazon)

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic (Buy Now On Amazon)

How We Picked Our Brands

For this review, we chose to pick some of the longest-running biscuit brands as well as those which are relatively new. Britannia and Parle are a few names that need no introduction, and the same can be said for ITC’s Sunfeast. Apart from those three, Unibic and Cremica are relatively new, yet they have maintained a strong foothold in the marketplace for their good quality products. We picked as many brands possible that are selling chocolate chip cookies. All the brands picked are similar in pricing and/or grammage.

All the brands we picked were easily available at several locations across Delhi-NCR. These are also easily available for audiences outside the national capital region through major online portals as well.

Team Mishry

Who Is This For?

Chocolate chip cookies are enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their age, and in that spirit, this review is solely for the purpose of finding out the best tasting chocolate chip that can provide the consumers with an unmatched chocolaty experience.

This review is for those who are looking for a tasty snack that can also be a good traveling companion.

How We Tested – Our Parameters

Parameters tend to be the ultimate equalizers for any taste test. Based on certain parameters, which remained fixed for every other brand that we tasted, we came up with our top pick. Here are those parameters:

Texture: The feel of the cookie’s surface is the first thing you’ll notice when you eat, thus it plays an important role in our review process. The crunchy, crumbly or the perfect in-between kind of texture is what we went after. Some of the cookies in the review were far too crumbly and kept breaking. In fact, in a few packs, it was hard to find more than a few ‘complete’ cookies.

tastiest chocolate chip cookies
Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie: Check out our review as we taste the most popular brands in order to find the one that’s the best.

Amount Of Choco Chips: You eat chocolate chip cookies because you like the tiny bits of soft chocolate in every bite. The total number of chocolate chips present in these cookies is responsible for enhancing the overall experience of eating them. Some of these cookies had fewer chocolate chips, which made them quite unsatisfactory.

Taste: Ultimately, the taste of the cookies is what matters. That perfect balance of the bittersweet choco taste from the chips, a certain softness of dough and the perfect marriage of textures is what makes it a great cookie.

The Winner Of Our Taste Test

After tasting all of the six different chocolate chip cookies, it was Parle’s Milano that reached the top spot. With a chunky appearance, the chocolate chips present in Milano were soft and gooey. Its texture is light and airy from the inside, and it is loaded with lots of chocolate chips that create a wonderful balance of taste and texture in every bite.

Mishry Top Pick: Parle’s Milano Cookies

Parle Milano Cookie, 75g Pouch

Great tasting cookie with large chocolate chip chunks, and just the right amount of crunch, Parle Milano is our Top Pick for the Tastiest Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Size: 75 gm, Price: Rs. 30*

*At the time of review

Britannia Good Day is also recommended by us as a value for money product. Even though the cookies were smaller as compared to other brands, these were sufficiently loaded with chocolate chips, thus providing a good overall experience.

Team Mishry

Team Mishry is our team of researchers, reviewers, digital content producers, and writers who are part of every review in our test kitchen. They test, taste, and tirelessly break down a product's features, discuss pros and cons and arrive at a final verdict after much debate, deliberations and dialogue. All the reviews where crucial inputs have been derived from multiple team members are where the byline belongs to the entire team - Team Mishry!

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