24 Mantra Organic Ready To Eat Poha: #FirstImpressions

24 Mantra Organic's Ready To Cook Kanda Poha aims to provide people get the required dosage of nutrients, even after having a hectic schedule. But does its taste go side by side with its value?

The newly introduced 24 Mantra’s organic ready-to-cook poha is a 5-minute recipe that aims to save your time and provide you with a light breakfast. Delicately seasoned with onions and peanuts, this ready to cook kanda poha claims to adhere to the authentic poha recipe that everyone loves to eat. What could be more satisfying than having a tasteful poha meal that could be prepared in just a matter of 5-minutes?

Things You Should Know About 24 Mantra Organic Ready To Cook Poha

  1. It made of 100% organic ingredients.
  2. It contains no preservatives.
  3. A single packet can serve up to 4 people.
  4. Each serving has 200 Kcal.
 24 Mantra Organic Ready To Eat Poha: #FirstImpressions

24 Mantra Kanda Poha, 200g

A five-minute quick kanda poha recipe with the addition of groundnuts, further adding up to its protein content.

Price: Rs 90 *price at the time of review

Instructions To Properly Prepare A Tasteful Kanda Poha Meal

  1. In order to prepare the full packet, empty it in a vessel and add about 225ml of water to the mix.
  2. Stir it well, and then keep it covered for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Open, gently mix and enjoy your kanda poha meal.

#FirstImpressions Of 24 Mantra Organic Ready To Cook Poha

The 24 Mantra Kanda Poha is very easy to make. It is made of 100% organic ingredients and has absolutely no added preservatives. At a price of just Rs.90 you can serve up to 4 people with this.

This poha is packed with rice flakes and peanuts making it very protein-rich. It contains peanut oil, sugar, turmeric, lemon, dried green chilies, dried coriander leaves, curry leaves, and desiccated coconut powder. It has a strong onion flavor thanks to the dried onion flakes.

Here in the Mishry test kitchen, we tried a total of 5 instant poha mixes to find the best one. Click on the link here to know what we based our results on to come up with the best instant poha mix.

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