How To Check For Bad Eggs

An egg could be your best friend if you are used to just rushing through breakfast. Just a nicely boiled egg can give you enough protein and energy to survive the morning. An egg boiler can boil a number of eggs together giving you perfectly boiled eggs effortlessly.

Eggs are one of the best sources of proteins. In fact, eggs are amongst the most nutritious sources of protein for young children and adolescents. An egg boiler can help you make the perfect boiled egg, every morning without any worry. With an egg boiler, you won’t have to stand around hoping that the egg has boiled only to find it hasn’t. This is a list of the best egg boilers available online.

Best Egg Boilers

Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt (Transparent and Silver Grey)

Kent, as per their website, has been ranked #1 trusted brand of India that produces innovative technology to promote healthy living in the year 2013.

The Kent egg boiler draws 360 watts power. It is very easy to operate with three different modes – hard, medium and soft. The boiler shuts off automatically when the function is complete. The product has a year’s warranty.

Simxen Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher

The Simxen egg boiler is made of stainless steel and can boil up to 7 eggs at a time. This multipurpose boiler can also steam, poach and fry eggs.

The stainless steel heater inside generates steam with just 25ml of water. It takes only 10 minutes to boil eggs and has an auto-off feature that works at the end of these 10 minutes. It comes with a crystal clear top which is supposed to be pretty durable. The boiler is available in many colors depending on the stock.

Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

The Goodway Electric egg boiler can boil five eggs in just seven minutes. It requires only 25ml of water. It has a stainless steel heater inside.

The boiler is lightweight and portable. It can make three kinds of eggs- hard, soft and medium boiled. The boiler comes with a measuring cup which indicates the amount of water required. It is very easy to use.

Skyline VTL-6161 7-Eggs Egg Boiler

This egg boiler has a stainless steel heating plate. The LED indicator tells you when the boiler is on and functioning. It requires 350 watts power.

The boiler can boil up to 7 eggs at a time. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the product. It is black in color.

 How To Check For Bad Eggs
Mishry Reviews: How To Check If The Eggs Are Good

How To Check If The Eggs Are Good

If you’ve had a tray of eggs just lying around in the house, chances are some of the eggs have gone past their use-by date. Instead of gambling on whether the eggs are good to use or not, here’s a simple test you could do.

Take the eggs and slowly place them in a bowl filled with water. If the eggs sink to the bottom and lay on their sides then they’re good for use. If they sink to the bottom but stay upright then they’re good too but maybe stick to just boiling them. There may be some that float on the surface. These are the bad eggs and it would be best not to use them.

 How To Check For Bad Eggs
Mishry Reviews: How To Check If The Eggs Are Good

This is because eggshells are porous. So, over time air tends to enter the eggs. The more air there is, the more the egg will float. Since it also contains germs and other pollutants, eggs with more air are not safe for consumption. Additionally, always remember to store eggs away from raw produce like meats to ensure their longevity.

Eggs are nutritious and can supply a major portion of your daily nutrient requirement. An egg boiler will definitely help you fulfill that healthy eating resolution for the year. Hopefully, this list of best egg boilers helps you make your decision of picking one easier. Click here to find out what the features you need to look out for when buying egg boilers. - Reviews That Matter
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