Dating A Fitness Freak? Best Gifts For Him & Her That Are Healthy & Tasty

Find the perfect gift for your fitness enthusiast partner with this curated list. Elegant, fun, healthy and even desi, there's something for all kinds of health freaks in this list.

Every old-school romantic awaits Valentine’s Day eagerly each year to express their love. Of course, you can express your love on all other days of the year too, but Valentine’s Day has a special significance for many people.

On a day specially built around the idea of openly expressing your love, giving the person you love the perfect gift is absolutely essential. While choosing to gift chocolates is a very original and genius idea, you might want to go down the healthier route if your partner is a fitness enthusiast.

To celebrate this day of love, we have come up with a list of healthy gift hampers you can give to your partner. This will be a very thoughtful gift on your part and your partner will also be able to enjoy it guilt-free. Here’s our list of healthy Valentine’s Day gifts.

Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Go Desi -Limited Edition Bespoke Handmade Gift Box

This gift box consists of Imli Pops, Wild Apple Candy, Amla Bites, Lemon Chaat, Olive Candy, and Jackfruit Bars. The ingredients have been sourced from various parts of the country. These assorted candies come in a quirky box with an Ashtapada (ancient board game) board on the back and cowrie shells to play with. The box has all the makings for a cozy and fun evening together.

 Dating A Fitness Freak? Best Gifts For Him & Her That Are Healthy & Tasty

Go Desi Gift Box

This gift box contains assorted hand made candies and bars that will excite your taste buds.

The lemon chaat is just an explosion of flavors in your mouth. The wild apples, also known as Heitup, have been hand-picked from the forests of Manipur, dried and spiced. The amla for the amla candy has been brought in from the Western ghats. The jackfruit bards are made from Malnad jackfruits.

On The Run Festive & Healthy Gift Pouch

The On The Run gift box is a ready-to-go gift hamper, and is perfect for all the health nuts! The gift hampers contain 3 different seasoned trail mixes and a fruit and nut health bar.

 Dating A Fitness Freak? Best Gifts For Him & Her That Are Healthy & Tasty

On The Run Gift Pouch

This gift pack consists of 3 seasoned trail mix pouches and one fruit and nut health bar.

All four products have been made with all-natural ingredients. There are no added sugars, colors or preservatives. Surely, your partner will be able to appreciate a guilt-free snacking option.

Eat Anytime Mindful Millet Energy Bars – Variety Box

The Eat Anytime Mindful Millet Energy Bars are packed with iron and calcium. These make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other trying to eat healthily. These are made with millets that are packed with nutrients. This can be the perfect gift to show your partner just how much you care about their well-being.

 Dating A Fitness Freak? Best Gifts For Him & Her That Are Healthy & Tasty

Eat Anything Mindful Energy Bars

These energy bars are packed with nutrients. Give your partner a guilt-free snacking experience this Valentine’s Day.

These bars promote heart health and help manage cholesterol. They are absolutely delicious too. They are also gluten-free, making them the perfect snack for celiac intolerant individuals or for someone who chooses to cut down gluten consumption. These bars are healthy and will definitely impress your fitness enthusiast soul mate.

Chaayos Premium Festival Gift Box

If chocolates or energy bars are not your ideal options for Valentine’s Day gifts, then surely this beautiful Gift box from Chaayos should do the trick. The box itself is absolutely beautiful and elegant.

 Dating A Fitness Freak? Best Gifts For Him & Her That Are Healthy & Tasty

Chaayos Premium Festival Gift Box

The Chaayos gift box is a beautiful gifting option that will let you both enjoy cozy evenings sipping some good tea together.

Inside, you’ll be able to find two adorable tin boxes. These tin boxes contain 50 grams of Adrak Tulsi Tea and Organic Green tea. As if all of this wasn’t enough for your chai loving partner, the box also contains two delicate ceramic kulhars for an enhanced chai drinking experience. This is the perfect gift that lets both of you enjoy a warm cup of tea together.

Nepenthe Coffee and Chocolate- The Keto Culture Strawberry Dark Chocolate Bar

This is no ordinary chocolate. The Nepenthe Chocolate bar is a bar of keto chocolate with absolutely no added sugars, unsweetened strawberries, and dark chocolate.

 Dating A Fitness Freak? Best Gifts For Him & Her That Are Healthy & Tasty

Nepenthe- The Keto Culture Dark Chocolate Bar

Fresh unsweetened strawberries covered in dark chocolate make the best healthy Valentine’s Day gift ever.

The dark chocolate bar is made with organic cacao beans and cocoa butter sourced from Wayanad, Kerala. Fresh unsweetened strawberries covered in luscious dark chocolate make the perfect aphrodisiac with a healthy twist.

This chocolate is stevia-sweetened with perfect texture and flavor. It is high on good fats and proteins and low on carbs with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Remember, the value of the gift you give is not decided by its price tag, rather the thought that went into buying it.

We hope this list helps you buy the perfect gift for the one person who can brighten up your day in just minutes. Team Mishry wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. - Reviews That Matter
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