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Indian cooking needs a lot of chopping, dicing and cutting of onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic. A manual chopper allows you to do all this in a jiffy, without any effort or the need to pull out the mixer-grinder for simple everyday stuff. We diced and sliced for over 3 weeks in 4 different home kitchens and in our review lab to find efficient manual choppers.

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Editor’s Pick: Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper

We found that Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper is the most efficient manual vegetable chopper to buy. It chopped with utmost uniformity, there were no chunky bits, and did so with least amount of effort or noise, making it our Editor’s Pick from the 10 brands we reviewed. In addition to very user-friendly cutting and chopping, another feature that makes Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper really stand out is the fact that it comes with a storage lid that is very functional. This allows you to store leftover chopped veggies even later.

Unlike a few others we tested, Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper is not noisy and has an attractive color. It has a good quality bowl made of unbreakable ABS plastic.

Also Recommended: Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Chopper

Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Chopper is a handy chopper and gives you uniform and fine chopping of onions and tomatoes. It’s not noisy and the string pulley action is effortless too. Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Chopper is a good buy too.

Contender: Tosaa Vegetable Pull Chopper

Tosaa proved to be one amazing product; it chopped well, had a smooth pull and was super convenient. However, with continuous usage, the plastic bowl started to look old and had scratches all over, which indicated the plastic quality may not be as good as others.

Contender: Havells Handy Mini Chopper

Havells worked well in terms of chopping vegetables smoothly; however, its retraction was noisier than others. The pull was smooth and it chopped evenly making it one of the most competent manual vegetable choppers.

How We Picked The Brands

There is a wide variety of brands available in this segment. We categorized brands that come under 1000/- and picked the variants between 300 and 500 ml. We believe these choppers are best utilized by a small family, with the number of family members ranging from 2 to 5. Beyond this family-size, we believe most would prefer to go for electric choppers or even food processors that do more than just chop and dice. 

How We Tested

Once all 10 vegetable choppers were with us, we shared them with 4 different households who used them for a period of 2 to 3 weeks on rotation. This was crucial because durability should be an important benchmark, and observations from someone using these on a daily basis would be valuable. We took their feedback into account, and also tested all 10 vegetable choppers in our lab for a week. We used these to chop onions and tomatoes, separately as well as together. 


The parameters to judge these vegetable choppers included noise, effort, color/look, and any other USP or differentiation they had to offer.

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