Best Quinoa For A Gluten-Free Meal

Our Best Quinoa Brands Review serves people who are medically required to steer clear of wheat, and for whom quinoa is a part of regular meals.

Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that can be eaten in many different ways and is a great alternative for people suffering from a gluten allergy or celiac disease.  This nutrient-dense superfood is rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins and is beneficial for weight loss as well. Our Best Quinoa Brands Review serves people who are medically required to steer clear of wheat, and for whom quinoa is a part of regular meals. We bought and cooked with 10 popular brands of quinoa over days in our test kitchen, and based on parameters such as flavor, smell, freshness, and aftertaste we have our top recommendations.

Setting the parameters is one of the most critical parts of our review. These parameters are responsible for creating the ground rules upon which each and every brand is judged, for how else would we be able to compare and find the best one?

Here are the parameters upon which we based our review:

  • Aroma: The smell is the very first thing that you notice about your meal. It is important for quinoa to have a sweet and a little grassy smell, as it contributes to the overall taste of the meal.
  • Texture: The hardness and softness of the quinoa seeds contribute heavily to the overall eating experience; thus texture plays a vital role in our review.
  • Taste: A perfectly cooked bowl of quinoa has is mildly sweet, with a soft bite. It’s not supposed to be mushy or soggy in texture and must not taste bitter.

Editor’s Pick: Organic India

Organic India’s quinoa is not only certified Organic, but it was also the tastiest amongst all the ten brands cooked. Quinoa should have a firm bite to it after it has been prepared in an adequate amount of water and left to sit for 8-10 minutes. Uncooked quinoa by Organic India was quite clean, and it took us only a couple of washes to get a clear rinse. Organic India’s quinoa seeds cooked well per instructions, the grains did not stick to each other and were fluffy.

Editor’s Pick: Raw Essentials

Raw Essentials is a premium quality quinoa that can be enjoyed by a wider audience. The packaging looks artisanal and would be liked by those who have a more discerning palate. The quinoa cooked very well, was sweet to taste, with fluffy, separate grains that have no bitter aftertaste. We would recommend this for everyday use, or even for those who are just beginning to try out quinoa.

Contender: Jewel Farmer Quinoa

Jewel Farmer quinoa comes in an attractive pack, with easy to follow and clear instructions. The uncooked quinoa grains have a sweet and grassy aroma. The cooked quinoa grains have a soft and fluffy texture, and almost no aftertaste.

Contender: Nourish You

Nourish You quinoa grains (raw) had a neutral appearance and clear cooking instructions. Upon cooking the grains were a little hard. Taste-wise, the quinoa had a mild aftertaste, but no bitterness. If you get your hands on this one, it would be best suited for making salads, pulaos with ingredients that have a stronger flavor. - Reviews That Matter
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