Best Weight Loss Foods

With the new year starting, almost everyone has the " I will lose weight" resolution. To help reach those goals, here's a list of top 4 weight loss foods.

Losing weight is no easy task. Losing weight in a healthy manner is even more difficult. The struggle can push you to take help from shady weight loss pills and supplements. These pills tend to have many side effects, ranging from bloating to strokes. In certain extreme cases, the need to lose weight pushes them to the extent of anorexia, where the person starves for days on end.

There are many fad diets out on the internet that claim to help you lose a certain amount of weight in short periods of time. Some of these do work until you stop that diet and you gain all of that weight and more. There are certain food supplements that claim to do all the work for you. These also are most likely lying to you. There are, however, certain regular food items that do help you reduce weight. These are normal food items that you can easily incorporate into your daily life, and they’ll help you keep your weight in check.

Organic India Quinoa:

Organic India
Organic India Quinoa

Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal which simply means it is a seed that is consumed like a cereal. It is gluten-free and has a low glycemic index. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. It is rich in fiber which helps with belly fat loss and also prevents gaining of belly fat.

The Organic India quinoa is slightly sweet in taste. The grains do not stick to each other when cooked. The texture is soft yet firm. It is ideal for everyday consumption. The instructions on the packaging are clear and simple to follow.

Happy Jars Peanut Butter:

first impressions of happy jars
Happy Jars 100% Natural Jaggery Cream Peanut Butter

There is no doubt that peanut butter is absolutely delicious. However, did you know that peanut butter also aids weight loss? It helps curb your appetite and also helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Happy Jars Peanut Butter is our top choice of peanut butter because it does not contain any sugar. In fact, Happy Jars has no sugar, no oils, and no preservatives. It is sweetened with the help of jaggery. It is perfect to be incorporated into your morning smoothie or to be lathered on top of a slice of bread. It is delicious and creamy.

Bagrrys’s Cornflakes:

 Best Weight Loss Foods
Bagrry’s Corn Flakes Plus

Corn flakes are rich in fiber. Fiber is great for weight loss and to manage weight. Corn flakes are low in fat content too. They do tend to have a higher glycemic index, making it less desirable for those with diabetes.

Bagrry’s Corn Flakes has no added sugar and was our top choice in our review. They are rich in fiber. They have a crispy and crunchy texture. They are a little salty to taste. Cornflakes also make a convenient breakfast item since they have nutrients and fiber, and are also easy to prepare.

Cremica Digestive High Bran Biscuit:

Cremica digestive biscuits
Cremica Digestive High Bran Biscuit

Digestive biscuits generally contain whole wheat flour which promotes a healthy gut. They tend to contain higher amounts of dietary fiber that helps aid digestion and bowel movements.

The Cremica Digestive Biscuit is high on fiber. It has absolutely no trans fats. It is crunchy and has a very nice taste. It is packed with the goodness of whole wheat and fiber.

The Importance of Fiber in Your Diet:

Fiber or dietary fiber is part of the food that cannot be absorbed or digested by the body. It passes almost entirely intact through the body. There are two types of fibers found in foods- soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fiber slows down the digestion just enough to keep you feeling fuller for longer time periods. It also helps lower your cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Soluble fiber also lowers cholesterol levels. Certain soluble fibers found in beans, oats, etc helps lower blood cholesterol levels by lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Soluble fibers reduce the absorption of sugar and help improve blood sugar levels.

Insoluble fiber helps the body absorb more water. It helps regulate bowel movement.

It also keeps you feeling full for longer periods and maintains a healthy bowel environment.

Like soluble fiber, insoluble fiber also increases sensitivity to insulin, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Overall, enough dietary fiber can-

  • Help control body weight
  • Balance cholesterol levels
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Lower the risk of diabetes
  • Regulate bowel movements
  • Reduce the risk of hemorrhoids
  • Slow down the speed of meal intake since they require more chewing.

Weight loss foods work best when they leave you feeling full for a longer duration but do not decrease your energy levels. There are many more foods that can aid in weight loss that you can take a look at. These are healthier and safer options compared to fad diets or food supplements. - Reviews That Matter
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