How To Buy A Wet Grinder – Must Have Features!

We have listed 5 Best Wet Grinders that you could consider buying for your kitchen. We also tell you what to look for while buying a wet grinder, so you get the best one.

Wet grinders are appliances that help grind foods to make batter or paste in no time. These products are typically used in South Indian food to make idli, dosa, or chillas. While manual grinding is a tough and time-taking task, a wet grinder is a perfect electrical appliance to not just save time, but also hours of effort in the kitchen. This product tends to cut the foods into smaller pieces and then make a paste of the desired quantity. All you need to do is to add water to attain a perfectly made batter. We have listed 5 Best Wet Grinders that you could consider buying for your kitchen.

We also tell you what to look for while buying a wet grinder, so you get the best one.

1. Elgi Ultra Grind + Gold 2-L Table Top Wet Grinder

Elgi Ultra wet grinder has an ABS body that makes it lightweight and durable. It has got a sleek and stylish design that makes it a great addition to your kitchen. The drum used for grinding is made of stainless steel, making it resistant to dust. This drum could be used for storing the batter too.

2. Butterfly Smart Table Top Wet Grinder With Coconut Scraper Attachment

The coconut scrapper attachment is what sets the Butterfly Wet Grinder apart from others. It is compact in size so it becomes easy to store. It is made of ABS plastic that makes it heat resistant and shockproof. The stones are cylindrical in shape, which provides even grinding. Easy to maintain and clean, this wet grinder has a drum made with stainless steel which is easy to clean. If you grind coconuts regularly, this wet grinder is definitely for you. Butterfly wet grinder comes with an attachment to scrape the shell of the coconut.

3. Panasonic MK SW-200BLK Wet Grinder

One of the best looking wet grinders, Panasonic has a beautiful black color body with a transparent cover to keep it safe when not in use. It includes components like stone roller, measuring cup, spatula, lid, instruction manual, warranty card, etc.

4. Premier Stainless Steel 1.5L Table Top Grinder

Premier stainless steel tabletop grinder is a very compact and lightweight appliance, perfect for small-sized kitchens. The sleek design also makes it easier to clean the machine. The body of the wet grinder is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable, long-lasting and heat resistant. It has two stones for grinding.

5. Lakshmi Deluxe Wet Grinder (Cherry)

The drum of the Lakshmi Deluxe wet grinder is detachable so you can clean it easily. Even though it has a powerful motor, it doesn’t make much noise and ensures the grinding process is seamless. The body of the wet grinder is made with ABS plastic material, which is durable and long-lasting.

What To Look For While Buying A Wet Grinder

We suggest you look at these points that would definitely come handy to you if you are planning to buy a wet grinder for daily use.

1. Size of a wet grinder

Always keep in mind the size of the grinder you are looking for. You don’t want to end up buying a smaller one for a bigger family size. Also determine the space where you will keep the grinder so you know what to expect when you buy one.

2. Capacity of the wet grinder

While size of the wet grinder is crucial, it is also important to look for the right capacity. You would know better how much batter you prepare on a daily basis. Wet grinders are available in different capacities so it wouldn’t be difficult to search for one fit for your needs.

3. Number of grinding wheels or stones

An ideal wet grinder would be the one having 3 grinding wheels, which will not only grind efficiently, but also very quickly. Although, 2 grinding wheels are not a bad option.

4. Body of the drum

Many prefer buying wet grinders with drums made of stainless steel and not plastic or any other material. Stainless steel drums are long-lasting, durable and the best for storage.

5. Protection from overload

There are times when we overlook the number of food items we put in the grinder, which could overload the machine. In such cases, it could damage the appliance. There must be an overload protection feature – a cut-off mechanism basically – in the machine to ensure the safety of the product.

6. Additional accessories

Who wouldn’t love the extra accessories that come with appliances? You should consider buying a wet grinder, which may have components like coconut scrapper, atta kneader, lid wiper, stand and grinder cover.

If you are planning to buy a wet grinder for your kitchen, do keep in mind these points so you only get the best. - Reviews That Matter
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