Dried Fruits for Healthy Snacking

Dried or dehydrated fruits have an increased shelf life and are nearly as healthy as fresh fruits. They are fiber and nutrient rich snacking options, perfect for the young and old both.

Dried fruits are generally rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. Dried fruits also have a longer shelf life compared to their fresher versions making them ideal for stocking up during periods of unavailability of fresh fruits that are healthy and very nutritious. They are almost as tasty as the fresh fruits, if not more. Unless these are coated with sugar, or salt, the amount of calories and sugar in dried fruits is not more than fresh fruits, contrary to popular belief.

The best dried-fruits are ones that are tasty and provide you with the required nutrients and energy. These dried fruits include prunes, raisins, dates, figs, etc. These can be eaten on their own or can also be incorporated in your favorite cake or pancake batters.

Solimo Premium Raisins

Solimo raisins are premium quality raisins packed hygienically to meet the highest safety standards. Raisins are full of energy, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. They can help improve digestion, maintain bone health, and improve iron levels in the body.

 Dried Fruits for Healthy Snacking
Solimo raisins are hygienically packed premium raisins rich in vitamins and minerals.

Tulsi Dry Figs

These are 100% natural figs. Dried figs are packed with nutrients and make for a very good snack for children and adults. These are rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, and vitamin A. It is best to store these figs in an airtight container in a refrigerator.

 Dried Fruits for Healthy Snacking
Tulsi anjeer consists of vitamin and mineral-rich dried figs high in dietary fiber.

Happilo Premium Omani Dates

These natural and premium dates have been sourced from Oman. They are free from added preservatives and additives. These dates are packed with a high amount such as potassium, making them extremely healthy. They also have a significant amount of vitamins which help boost the nervous system. They also help to improve heart health.

 Dried Fruits for Healthy Snacking
Happilo Omani dates are 100% natural dates sourced straight from Oman.

Rostaa Gourmet Pitted Prunes

These sweet dried plums have been harvested at their peak of ripeness. These prunes are hygienically packed, maintaining the highest food safety standards. The prunes are rich in vitamins and minerals. They help in improving digestion and are a great source of iron. They are also rich in anti-oxidants.

 Dried Fruits for Healthy Snacking
Rostaa Gourmet dried prunes are rich in iron and anti-oxidants.

Vedaka Premium Dried Cranberries

Premium quality whole candied cranberries are hygienically packed. These cranberries undergo strict quality checks to ensure you get only the best products. There are no added preservatives or added flavors. These dried cranberries are rich in anti-oxidants. They also contain vitamins A, B, and K.

 Dried Fruits for Healthy Snacking
Vedaka Dried Premium whole cranberries can be added to muesli or baked goods.

Flyberry Gourmet Dehydrated Mango

Flyberry Gourmet group works to provide the best quality natural products to its consumers. Their dried fruits are rich in antioxidants, fibers, minerals, and essential vitamins. A jar of the Flyberry dehydrated mango contains pulp from one whole mango. It contains 0% fats and cholesterol.

 Dried Fruits for Healthy Snacking
Flyberry jar of dehydrated mango contains 0% trans or saturated fats.

We hope this list helps you uncover a whole new world of healthy snacking!

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