Daawat Rice Sauté Sauce (Hot Garlic): #FirstImpressions

A set of spices, when mixed together, could bring out a certain taste in your rice dish. Check out our first impressions of one such hot garlic sauce from Daawat.

Rice is an important and popular part of South-Asian cuisine. So it is also mandatory to have the appropriate set of spices that blend with rice in order to create a scrumptious recipe. Daawat Rice Sauté Sauce is one such product that aims to provide the customers with a short-cut to creating a rice dish. A ready mix of spices, these sauces have specific ingredients that come together to form a traditional recipe. For this edition of our #FirstImpressions test, we decided to review the new Hot Garlic Rice Sauté Sauce by Daawat.

Important Facts About Daawat Rice Sauté Sauce (Hot Garlic)

*as per the information on the pack

  1. Contains a blend of spices that can provide instant flavor to your rice.
  2. The sauce is made from fresh and natural ingredients.
  3. No added preservatives.
  4. It has no artificial colors or flavors.

 Daawat Rice Sauté Sauce (Hot Garlic): #FirstImpressions

Daawat Saute Sauce – Hot Garlic Rice, 210g Jar

A perfect mix of spices that are blended together with no added preservatives or artificial flavoring.

MRP: Rs 100*

*price at the time of review

#FirstImpressions Of Daawat’s Rice Sauté Sauce

The aroma of the sauce is garlicky and tomato-like. We put about 4 spoons of the sauce to freshly cooked rice and then allowed it to blend for 3-4 minutes as suggested on the bottle. However, as the rice was being cooked, it seemed to get drier.

Upon tasting, we found the flavors missing. The rice was dry too. We added 2 more spoons of the garlic sauce to see if it helps. It turned out to be better this time, but still dry. It tasted better and spicier this time, but the palate searches for something more than just garlic flavors in the final outcome.

Unlike the Dum Biryani flavor of Daawat’s Rice Sauté Sauce range we reviewed earlier, we found this a little less appealing. Dum Biryani is enough by itself to make a simple plate of rice tasteful, and interesting. This, we feel, needs much more before you have a dish for yourself that you would like to create again and again in your kitchen.

A quick tip: It may not taste the best by simply mixing it with rice; you could add some sauteed vegetables or chicken to it to enhance its flavor.

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  2. Can we make it with leftover rice?

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