Delish Co’s Peanut Butter Cookies: #FirstImpressions

Delish Co.'s packaging is really impressive and catches your eye immediately.

We all love delicious crunchy cookies, and a new range from Delish Co, with its artisanal packaging, piqued our interest. The Delish Co. products are hand-made and as per the brand itself – high in quality. So we grabbed a packet of Peanut Butter cookies from Delish Co. and this is our review of the new product.

Things To Note

  1. The Pack contains 6 cookies, and a 3-layer, 90-micron food grade pouch used to individually pack each cookie.
  2. Contains nature identical flavouring substances.
  3. Each cookie has about 122 Kcal.
  4. Best before 6 months of packaging.
 Delish Co’s Peanut Butter Cookies: #FirstImpressions

Peanut Butter Cookie – 130g

Real crunchy peanut butter used along with real peanuts on the top to really enhance the flavor, the cookie is mildly crunchy in texture

#FirstImpressions Of The Delish Co’s Peanut Butter Cookie

Delish Co.’s packaging is really impressive and catches your eye immediately.

There are 6 medium-sized cookies in the box. Each packed in its own pouch. And that’s our biggest peeve with the cookies. No, not the type of casing, but the number of cookies – you get SIX cookies for Rs. 250. That’s seriously steep, we feel.

Taste-wise the cookies are good and crunchy.

There is a mismatch in the taste and pricing here. For something priced this way, you would expect the taste to completely blow your mind. Sadly, that’s not the case. These are not bad cookies. They simply aren’t worth Rs. 40 roughly you shell out per cookie. You could get an entire pack of ITC’s Dark Fantasy or Parle’s Milano at similar pricing.

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