Fazlani Foods Ready-To-Eat Paneer Makhani Sauce: #FirstImpressions

You could call Paneer Makhani every vegetarian's favorite dish. It is a perfect choice for parties, or a delicious meal for a small family dinner. Fazlani Foods' ready-to-eat paneer makhani sauce claims to cut down your cooking time, but does it have that same authentic and traditional butter paneer taste?

Almost all paneer-lovers love Paneer Makhani, a popular paneer-based dish that is rich and buttery and enjoyed with both rice and naans. It’s a dish that’s not very quick to rustle up, but, when made well, is always a hit at any gathering. Fazlani Foods have come up with a ready to eat paneer makhani sauce, which claims to have the same authentic taste of spices mixed together to make a buttery curry. Introduced as a substitute for the traditional preparation, which might come in handy if you are living far away from your home, we decided to pick this product and try it in our test kitchen for ourselves.

Quick Facts About Fazlani Foods Paneer Makhani Sauce

  1. A classic Indian cooking curry made with authentic spices.
  2. It contains a mix of tomato and onion paste.
  3. One packet has 2-3 servings.
  4. Contains allergens such as milk and cashew nuts (little traces of peanuts and sesame seeds might also be present).
  5. No added preservatives.
  6. No artificial food coloring.
  7. Light weight and easy to carry.

Steps For Cooking (As Printed On The Pack)

  1. Heat 20g of refined oil in a saucepan.
  2. Add 285g of paneer and stir-fry for 7-10 min approx…
  3. Add the entire content of the paneer makhani sauce pack.
  4. Add ½ cup of water and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Ready to Eat Paneer Makhani Sauce by Fazlani Foods (Pack Of 2)

Delicious authentic Indian dish specially made to delight every paneer-lover staying far away from home in hostels, and travelers.

MRP: Rs 199*

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpressions Of Fazlani Foods Paneer Makhani Sauce

The Paneer Makhani Sauce by Fazlani Foods is a ready-to-cook curry for quick and delicious paneer makhani for 2-3 people. And that’s precisely what you get in this value-for-money glass bottle.

The sauce has a lovely fresh aroma, with hints of coriander and kasuri methi. The consistency of this orange-ish gravy is thick, resembling a typical restaurant-style dish.

Flavor-wise, this Paneer Makhani Sauce by Fazlani Foods is delicious, and it gives you perfectly well-made, appetizing paneer makhani good for 2-3 people. The dish tastes fresh, without having any synthetic/industrial flavors. Interestingly, there are no artificial colors or flavors added. The sauce is made using refined sunflower oil and contains milk, cashew nuts and melon seeds to create the signature ‘makhani’ flavors. This is a vegetarian product, and thanks to its low spice-levels, it could work well as a contrast to other spicy dishes on the menu.

Fazlani Foods Paneer Makhani Sauce Review

Like most ready-to-eat foods, making paneer makhani with this sauce is really quick and simple. All you have to do is fry the paneer pieces and add this sauce.

Fazlani Foods Paneer Makhani Sauce Review

Paneer Makhani Sauce by Fazlani Foods is good when you are hosting a small group of people and can help you rustle a quick ‘party’ dish in a matter of minutes.

We all love paneer, but did you know how much is there in paneer?

Mishry Mums Reviews
"When I first tried the Fazlani Foods Ready To Eat Paneer Makhani Sauce, I found its taste to be really nice and fresh. This would make cooking for a large gathering a very easy task. I personally feel, however, that the product is not exactly fit for everyday use. It certainly is a great product for bachelors or people who are still learning how to cook since the instructions are pretty simple and easy to follow."
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