Kellogg’s Cornflakes Real Thandai Badam: #FirstImpressions

The new Kellogg's Real Thandai Badam Corn Flakes promises to bring the goodness of real almonds in every spoon, but do the flavors really work? We tasted the new product to find out.

Loaded with the goodness of real almonds, the all-new Real Thandai Badam Corn Flakes by Kellogg’s is aimed at providing a nutritious breakfast that’ll kick-start your day, with flavor notes of the popular thandai drink. As per the packaging, the breakfast cereal is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, and B3, which makes it a great anti-oxidant loaded meal. Furthermore, being naturally cholesterol-free and high in minerals such as iron, a morning-meal with this cereal can be a tasty day-starter.

Quick Facts About Kellogg’s Cornflakes Real Thandai Badam

  1. It is made using fresh sun-ripened corn.
  2. It contains permitted natural colors.
  3. It contains Added flavoring (nature-identical flavoring substances).
  4. It contains gluten and almonds.

Precautions: It is advised to avoid this product if you are suffering from gluten or nut allergies.

 Kellogg’s Cornflakes Real Thandai Badam: #FirstImpressions

Kellogg’s Cornflakes Real Thandai Badaam Pouch, 120 g

Filled with real almonds, a bowl of this breakfast cereal can be a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

#FirstImpressions Of Kellogg’s Cornflakes Real Thandai Badam

Badam Thandai is a drink, so many Indians enjoy particularly during hot and sticky months. A bowl of cold cereal is another day-starter for many when the days are long and warm. Kellogg’s combines the two to bring the flavors of thandai into your bowl of corn flakes.

We first tried this, as is, straight from the pack. Upon tasting, we found it to be way too sweet. You could taste the intense thandai flavors, but it was all very sweet.

Next, and as suggested on the packaging, we soaked the corn flakes in a bowl of cold milk, and that is when everything changed! It is, as if, the flavors suddenly come together. It has a balanced sweetness, not too much, and the thandai flavors are lead by fresh cardamom.

For anyone who enjoys corn flakes every morning, this is an attractive variant to try. From all the new ‘desi’ flavored breakfast cereals launched recently, this is amongst our favorite. - Reviews That Matter
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