Meal Of The Moment (MOM) Instant Veg Biryani: #FirstImpressions

M.O.M (Meal Of The Moment) has introduced an Instant Veg Biryani, which could be a special treat for vegetarians who want something to satisfy their craving for something quick and flavorful. Here are our thoughts on this instant recipe.

Biryani lovers raise your hand! Now, biryani snobs may look down about its ‘vegetarian’ version, claiming that no such thing technically exists. But we, at Mishry, believe that everyone has a right to quality flavors, and so if non-meat-eaters like indulging in the vegetarian version of the iconic biryani, then why not! So here we are, trying out a new product by M.O.M – a new brand with a wide variety of ready to eat homestyle Indian dishes like Sambar Rice, Chinese Fried Rice, Masala Upma and Poha. The Vegetarian Biryani by MOM is ready to eat in 8 minutes, all you have to do is add hot water. The product contains no added preservatives and artificial flavors. Is this product really worth it? Let’s find out.

Important Facts About Meal Of The Moment’s Instant Veg Biryani

  1. It contains rice, ghee, and other authentic flavorings.
  2. The rice-type includes aromatic saffron basmati rice.
  3. No added preservatives.
  4. No artificial flavors.
  5. Ideal for home, work, and travel.
  6. Each serving/pack contains approximately 300 calories.

 Meal Of The Moment (MOM) Instant Veg Biryani: #FirstImpressions

MOM Meal of the Moment Veg Biryani, 73g Each (Pack of 3)

Made from aromatic long-grain basmati rice, Vegetarian Biryani by MOM is an Indian favorite when you are looking for something, quick and tasty.

MRP: Rs 60 x 3*

*Price at the time of review

Instruction For Preparation Vegetarian Biryani by MOM

  1. Cut the pouch and pour its content into a cup.
  2. Add boiling water till the indication level and mix well.
  3. Close the lid for 8 minutes (as indicated in the packaging).
  4. Mix well and enjoy it.

#FirstImpressions Of Vegetarian Biryani by MOM

We prepared the Vegetarian Biryani by MOM as per instructions on the tub. The rice came out nice and fluffy, with separate grains and a fresh aroma.

While it may be a stretch, flavor-wise, to call this veg ‘biryani’, it is certainly a well-made and tasty mixed-veg pulao. It tastes good and there is none of that artificial, processed-food taste here. And, that’s a relief. If you warm it up and serve it on a plate – it could almost taste like something you just made in the kitchen.

The portion size is just right for one person. The dish tastes even better with a bowl of curd. We particularly liked the list of ingredients – which is devoid of any added preservatives and artificial flavors. - Reviews That Matter
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