#FirstImpressions: MTR’s Ready-To-Eat Lemon Rice

Ready to eat foods serve as a convenient and fast way of preparing a delicious meal that satisfies your craving for something flavorful and filling. Let's see how MTR's ready-to-eat Lemon Rice features on parametres like taste and texture in our first impressions test.


Lemon Rice is a much loved and commonly-prepared dish in the southern region of India. Made with rice and seasoned with spices that provide a delicious tangy flavor and bite, this is amongst the most popular dishes in India and holds a sentimental value for many folks. MTR, a company that is known for its wide range of products based on similar Indian dishes, has a ready-to-eat Lemon Rice product, that we decided to taste this time as part of our #FirstImpressions.

Quick Facts About About MTR Ready-To-Eat Lemon Rice

*As per information printed on the pack

  1. It contains no hydrogenated vegetable fat.
  2. It can take up to 1-5 minutes to prepare as per the method of cooking.
  3. This is a 100% vegetarian dish.
  4. It contains authentic southern ingredients such as curry leaves, coconut, and Bengal gram dal.
  5. No added preservatives.
  6. A 250g packet serves 1-2 people.

MTR Ready-To-Eat Lemon Rice, 250g

MTR Ready-To-Eat Lemon Rice is convenient, easy to carry and eat pack. We felt this dish lacks the freshness and crunch that one expects from an authentic plate of Lemon Rice.

MRP: Rs 80*

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpressions Of MTR’s Ready-To-Eat Lemon Rice

From amongst the many products that from a part of MTR’s range, this one has got to be one of its weakest ones.

MTR’s Ready-To-Eat Lemon Rice is a little disappointing when it comes to the overall experience. This rice is soft and heats up well, but it’s just not flavourful. The dominant flavor of lemon (as expected in a plate of lemon rice) is very much there, but that’s all there is. You can barely taste any mustard or curry leaves flavor.

We missed peanuts in this recipe. The crunch from the peanuts (or cashews in some recipe) and urad, chana dals imparts a lovely balance of textures to a dish like lemon rice. Over here, there are no peanuts, and the chana dal is soft, without any bite/crunch. The classic crunch that one expects from lemon rice with peanuts/mustard seeds etc is missing here and makes the dish dull and not very appetizing.

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