This Fabulous Gas Toaster Costs Less Than $5: #FirstImpressions

A gas toaster is a convenient way of preparing a perfectly crisp toast without the use of electricity. It is less time consuming, easy to clean, less-expensive, thus making it a completely handy and useful kitchen product.

Making a sandwich by just using a stovetop has never been easier. Especially when you have one of those really easy to use, handy, hardy, and reasonably priced Gas Toaster-Grill tools. A good quality gas toaster is a great addition to your kitchen. It can make home-style stuffed sandwiches that can be as versatile as you want them to be. You can keep them simple by only adding slices of cheese, or you can use last night’s leftover subzi to create a wholesome breakfast.

A gas toaster contains an enclosed space where you place your bread, thus, by trapping the heat, a good quality toaster is amongst the fastest ways for you to prepare a crispy breakfast, evening snack, and even dinner. In this #firstimpression review – we try out the Silver Touch Gas Toaster that promises an evenly toasted, crisp sandwich. Is this claim true?

Things To Note About Silver Touch Gas Toaster

  1. The handle is hand-crafted with maximum grip.
  2. The makers claim that it consumes less gas.
  3. Less-expensive cooks fast and is easy to clean.
  4. Made from non-stick materials (Teflon coated).

 This Fabulous Gas Toaster Costs Less Than : #FirstImpressions

Silver Touch Special Snack & Sandwich Gas Toaster 

Prepares a toast that is evenly crisp on all sides. In addition to that, it is a cost-effective kitchen product.

Price: Rs. 274*
*At the time of review

Steps To Use Silver Touch Gas Toaster

  1. Apply a small amount of cooking oil or butter on the inner surface of the cooking plates.
  2. Place two slices of bread with filling in between the toaster.
  3. Gently close the toaster and put the safety lock.
  4. Keep the toaster on gas each side for just one minute.
  5. Open the toaster and your sandwich is ready.

#FirstImpressions Of Silver Touch’s Gas Toaster

Gas toasters like this can last you for years. But for a price like this, even a couple of years is quite good. So what should you expect, when buying a gas toaster? A good gas toaster must ensure a few things:

  • It should be sturdy – you will be using it over direct heat, so the piece should be firm, and the paint should not come peeling off.
  • The inner coating of the toasting blades should be non-stick; you don’t want the sandwich sides to get stuck while taking it out, though even a non-stick one toasts best with a little butter/oil on both sides.
  • The reason a toaster does such a good job is that it seals the edges, making sure the filling remains inside. When you grill in a pan, this doesn’t happen, and chances are you will have chunks from the mixture (filling) falling off with each bite. The gas toaster must have a curvy center – so the edges can be pressed together without spillage.
  • Lastly – the size should be standardized; small toaster plates will make sure the edges of the bread (the part that becomes nice and crunchy upon toasting) have to be left unused.

On all of these counts – the Silver Touch Gas Toaster performed remarkably well. It cooks quickly, evenly and importantly, the handles don’t get hot even as you hold the contraption over an open flame.

Manual tools like this one from Silver Touch help you save time in the kitchen. And sometimes even reduce food wastage. For a small family, or a family with kids, this is a novel addition for quick snacking options.
Big thumbs up from Mishry.

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    For the first time i found this website where i found this wonderful appliance with the review as well. I mean that’s very cool, on a single platform i can buy product & read the review. I’m very impressed.

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