Weikfield’s Eggless Cooker Cake (Vanilla): #FirstImpressions

A cooker cake mix allows you to make this dessert without the help of an oven and in the comfort of your home. Here is or first impressions of Weikfield's Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix

A cake is the number one go-to option for any celebration. It is also a quick treat for growing kids and teenagers who are always on the run, shuttling from one class to another! Homemade cakes are quite and a rather convenient option for an easy-to-make dessert. brands such as Weikfield have a range of eggless cake mixes that aim to give this dessert a homely essence, that too without the use of an oven. With just 30 minutes needed for its preparation, this cake can be decorated as per your choice before being served.

Things To Know About Weikfield Cooker Cake Mix, Vanilla

*as per information on the pack

  1. Contains edible vegetable oil along with permitted food color such.
  2. It contains milk solids, thus it must be avoided by people suffering from lactose intolerant.
  3. It also contains nature identical and artificial flavoring substances (Vanilla flavor).
  4. Other than milk, it also contains wheat.

Weikfield Cooker Cake Mix, Vanilla, 175g

Weikfield Cooker Cake Mix, Vanilla, is an eggless cooker cake mix that is easy and rather quick to make.

Price: Rs 95*

*Price at the time of review

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Method Of Preparation

*as per information on the pack

The method of preparation such a cooker cake must be present at the back of the packaging and it must involve four basic steps. Let’s take a look at the ingredients that you’ll require.

  1. A Pressure cooker (minimum 3L)
  2. 1 tbsp oil.
  3. 100ml of milk.

Now for the procedure:

  1. Place the pan inside the cooker and fill the cooker with water up to 3 cm high from the bottom.
  2. Start heating the cooker and sprinkle oil and wheat flour in the pan.
  3. Mix oil, milk, and cake powder separately in a vessel and beat for 3 minutes until a smooth consistency is achieved.
  4. Pour the batter into the cooker pan and close the lid without whistle for 30 minutes.
  5. Open the lid and allow the steam to escape. The cake is now baked and can be removed from the pan.

#FirstImpressions Of Weikfield Cooker Cake Mix

Weikfield Cooker Cake Mix cooked well. We followed the instructions on the packet and found these easy to follow, with simple ingredients that are readily available in most kitchens.

Taste Test: Weikfield’s Eggless Cooker Cake (Vanilla)

The flavor is plain vanilla, with balanced sweetness. Though we wouldn’t recommend this cake, as is. This would be good as a base to create a base for another dessert, say a trifle pudding. or serve it with icing or a layer of whipped cream and fruits on top. By itself, you may not enjoy it all that much, even if you are fan of plain vanilla cakes.

Taste Test: Weikfield’s Eggless Cooker Cake (Vanilla)

Texture-wise, we would have liked it more if the cake came out softer. It was a tad bit sticky, but tasty nonetheless.

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