Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce: #FirstImpressions

This new Achaari Sauce from Wingreens Farms is a great way to Indianize your meal. Check out our first impression of this desi variant to learn about what you can expect from it.

This all-new variant from Wingreens farms intends to give your meals a desi touch. Aptly named Achaari Sauce, this thick spread/sauce/dip can be used on sandwiches, parathas and can be quite helpful in adding that achaari twist to your veggies. Achaari Sauce is another one of those unique flavors that are traditionally handmade and enjoyed around India.

So What’s In Store For You?

  1. Wingreens Achaari Sauce contains a healthy amount of sunflower oil and other anti-oxidants.
  2. In a package that is 100g in weight, there is 56.58gm of fat present.
  3. There is absolutely zero percentage of trans-fat in this variant.
FirstImpressions: Wingreens farms achaari sauce
Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce

Though this sauce can easily enhance the taste of your meal, it is important to note a few key details before its consumption so that it may not cause you any harm.

  • Since it is quite loaded with fat, your consumption of this sauce must be limited and managed appropriately.
  • After opening the packaging, it must be stored in a refrigerator in order to maximize its shelf-life.
  • This item has a maximum shelf life of six-months.
 Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce: #FirstImpressions

Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce

The tangy and spicy flavor of the new achaari variant would surely add a desi twist to your meals.

#FirstImpression Of Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce:

Refreshing and tangy, Wingreens Achaari Sauce has quite a flavor-kick. It replicates to a large extent the ‘ghar ka achaar‘ flavor that most North Indians are familiar with. The sauce is thick, but not gloopy or sticky. In fact, this consistency allows it to be used in multiple ways. From dips to spreads on paranthas or mathris, the Achaari Sauce is quite a delicious, and, we feel, amongst the best flavors of Wingreens sauces.

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