How To Organize Your Kitchen | Tips & Best Products to Buy

A clean, organised, well stocked kitchen is a dream come true for anyone. Here's a list of products you NEED to sort out your kitchen and pantry.

We have universally heard and said this at some point in our lives – “Guest aa rahe hai, jaldi saaf karo!” (Guests are coming, quickly clean up!). Not only that, we usually throw every kitchen stray product loitering around in the cupboard and hope and pray that it doesn’t burst open in front of the company! Kitchens can get messy and unruly very fast. Two dishes later, it can look chaotic and you just stare and wonder – How did it happen? Thankfully, we live in 2020 and everything you can possibly need to organize your kitchen is available for you to buy – online and in stores.

A clean, organized, well-stocked kitchen is a dream come true for anyone. But often kitchens can get messy, and what you need are handy tips and products that can organize any kind of kitchen, and yet keep it comfortable for everyday use. You also need access to all the ingredients, spices, tools, etc you need routinely. Often, fancy organizing tips will make you want to go back to the good old ways in just a few days because you can hardly find anything anymore! Or, some of these ideas could be very expensive to execute – like re-shelving your entire kitchen! Here’s is our list of tips and products you NEED to sort out your kitchen and pantry, without spending a lot!

Let’s have a look at the kitchen products that can help you organize your kitchen.

1) Storage Containers

See-through storage containers are super essential for your kitchen. They are easy to access once you start cooking (Bonus points if they are co-ordinated). They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. Popularly glass, stainless steel, and plastic storage containers are bought depending on personal choice and budget.

2) Drawer Organisers

The clink-clank of ladles, squeezers, strainers dumped together in one big drawer can get frustrating. Ease your cooking experience by organizing the drawer. If you do not have a pre-installed organizer like in most modern kitchens, you can buy one that suits your drawer’s measurements.

3) Knife Block

Let’s admit it, leaving around knives can be dangerous. Solve this problem with a quick and easy fix – a knife block. Available in plastic and wooden varieties, a knife block is a great buy for your kitchen.

 How To Organize Your Kitchen | Tips & Best Products to Buy
How To Organize Your Kitchen: Knife Blocks can help keep all your knives in one place.

4) Utensil Drying Stand

Kept on the kitchen slab or mounted on the wall, a utensil drying stand is as important to any Indian kitchen as a good tadka in a dal. Three meals a day and 10 billion utensils later, we know the drying stand is our best friend.

5) Multi-tier Vegetable Stand

We have seen one in every Indian household – stocked with potatoes, garlic and onions. Stainless steel and plastic ones rule the market. But which is the best and cost-effective? Is it important to shell out a lot for this or can our purpose be solved with a low-cost one?

6) Refrigerator Space Saver Containers

Refrigerators can be hugely chaotic if not organized well. Slidable and see-through, these space-saving containers are convenient and easy to access.

7) Spice Racks

Move over, shabby-looking masala storage solutions. Spice racks are here to beautify and organize your kitchens. Some people prefer the good-old masala daanis and some like a modern twist to it. Lazy susans or the step-tier variety, choosing a spice rack was never this easy. Materials available are – stainless steel, glass, and plastic. So, what will it be?

 How To Organize Your Kitchen | Tips & Best Products to Buy
How To Organize Your Kitchen: Spice Racks are a great way to neatly stack all the spices you routinely use. Tip: Pick a style that is compact.

8) Cutlery Holder

Spoons, forks and knives neatly arranged in a cutlery stand is a view we all love. A vast variety of cutlery holders are available in the market – Stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and wooden. Some are creative ones available in odd shapes. Some come with hooks and compartments, some without them.

9) Under Sink Organisers

Scrubs, detergents, brushes, wipes, dish wash soaps, and other kitchen cleaning supplies need proper storage space. What better than a space-saving under the sink organizer? It looks good and masks the generally ugly looking space under the sink. Organizers made of plastic and stainless steel are easily available. They can be kept on the floor or hooked to the cabinet door.

10) Utensil Organisers

Sometimes you cannot find the lid to save your life, some lost in the pile, some hiding beneath a giant kadhai. The bang of large utensils every time you open the drawer or cupboard can be supremely annoying. Say hello to utensil organizing racks that easily store all your cookware neatly with the lids. In case you do not have large cupboards, you can also buy separate lid holders to ease the cooking process.

11) Eco-Friendly Dustbins

The need of the hour is for all of us to be environmentally conscious. We can begin that process right here in our kitchens. A simple step of segregating your kitchen waste is a big leap for the environment. Dustbins with different compartments meant for dry and wet waste are available in plastic that would be perfect for a kitchen space.

A beautiful kitchen with the correct storage solution is pleasing to the eyes. We are sure you have some screenshots of beautiful kitchens and pantries on your phone that are Instagram worthy. Get set, shop and make that dream of an exquisitely organized kitchen your reality.

Have some kitchen hacks or tips of your own? Leave a comment.

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