Makhana: The Best Guilt-Free Snack Brands

Ever wanted a tasty snack that didn't take a toll on your health and fitness? Then here are a few makhana snacks for you to try; low on cholesterol, high in protein and packed with good fibers.

Makhana, also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds, are small crispy and crunchy little treats. Much like popcorn, these are deliciously light but much healthier. These seeds are generally eaten after being roasted.

Makhana is light in nature, white in color, and low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol. It is eaten roasted usually, salted or seasoned with any other spice of the consumer’s liking. It is liked very well by children and adults as well. The low glycemic index of makhanas makes it a suitable snack for diabetics as well.

health benefits of makhana
Best brands of makhana: As a rich source for calcium, fox nuts are beneficial for your bone health.

Here a few brands of makhana available online for you to enjoy.

Rajbhog Makhana

Makhana, a.k.a Fox Nuts, play a significant role as a “fasting” food in India. It is low in cholesterol and sodium, and has many more health benefits making it an ideal fasting food as compared to dried fruits and nuts.

 Makhana: The Best Guilt-Free Snack Brands
Rajbhog makhana produces quality fox nuts that are used in traditional preparations and as a fasting food.

Om Makhana

Grown in stagnant water on a plant known as Euryale fox, these seeds have been used extensively in both Chinese medicine and in Ayurveda. These makhana are not polished or subjected to artificial colors. These popped makhana seeds also have a lower moisture content, allowing them to cook or roast faster.

 Makhana: The Best Guilt-Free Snack Brands
Om Makhana promises quality, unpolished and unadulterated lotus seeds.

NatureVit Fox Nuts

NatureVit Fox nuts are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron. It is low in calories making it the perfect guilt-free snack. It is best for people who want to shed some kilos. It is low in sodium and fat too.

 Makhana: The Best Guilt-Free Snack Brands
NatureVit plain makhana allows you to flavor the fox nuts to your liking or have it just as it is.

Sattviko Roasted Peri Peri Makhana

Sattviko Roasted Peri Peri Makhana is not just a healthy but also a tasty snack. The roasted peri peri flavor makes it even more loved than the regular plain makhana. It is also a gluten-free and vegan snack. The makhanas are slow-roasted to ensure its nutrients are protected. The peri peri flavor has been made to suit the Indian palate.

 Makhana: The Best Guilt-Free Snack Brands
The spicy and tangy peri-peri flavor of Sattviko Makhana is irresistible.

Mr. Makhana Roasted Supersnack

The Mr. Makhana Roasted super snacks is a combination of three packs contained makhana of three different flavors. These flavors include Cream and Onion, Lime and Chili, and Piri Piri paradise. These are low in cholesterol but absolutely delicious. Natural flavors are used to season the fox nuts to perfection. It has zero cholesterol and zero trans fats.

 Makhana: The Best Guilt-Free Snack Brands
Mr. Makhana offers a variety of flavors to cater to a wide variety of consumers.

Nutti Yogi Smoked Caramel Makhana

The Nutti Yogi Smoked Caramel Makhana are jars of makhana coated with jaggery, black salt and pepper. They are roasted to perfection, so much so that they attain a melt-in-your-mouth quality. It is a good snack for those with a slight sweet tooth but would prefer to keep the calories low.

 Makhana: The Best Guilt-Free Snack Brands
The Nutty Yogi Smoked Caramel Makhana is the perfect blend of crispy makhana with jaggery, black salt, and pepper.

Whether you prefer to eat your makhanas plain, salted, or with a little bit of seasoning or spice on it, the makhana mentioned above would be sufficient to satiate your every craving. - Reviews That Matter
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