Mishry Mums Review: Kohinoor’s Awadhi Biryani Kit

Check out the review of Kohinoor's Awadhi Biryani Kit by our Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani.

Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani’s Review On Kohinoor’s Awadhi Biryani Kit

Our Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani reviewed Kohinoor’s Awadhi Biryani Kit. Here’s what she has to say about it.

First Impression:

The Kohinoor biryani box is very interesting; it looks very chic, pretty classy, and most importantly, it looks tempting. Thanks to the picture of the Awadhi biryani on it. The box is priced at Rs. 125*, which according to me is reasonable.

*At the time of reviewing

The box has three packets inside it; one consists of rice, the other contains dry masalas like green cardamom, dalchini and tej patta or bay leaves, and the third pack consists of a masala mix with a lot of oil.

Coming to the cooking part of it, some steps are mentioned on the pack; however, I couldn’t find the entire recipe in the box or inside. Although the pack says, “detailed recipe inside,” but one cannot find it easily. I got a little confused as to how to go about it. I happened to use my cooking experience and managed to make the biryani.

The rice cooked well, and the masala smelled so good, and when mixed with chicken, I could tell this is how exactly Awadhi biryani smells and tastes like. With 200 grams of rice, I cooked 500 grams of chicken, and I feel the quantity was pretty decent.

 Mishry Mums Review: Kohinoor’s Awadhi Biryani Kit

Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Biryani Kit, Awadhi, 327g

It is packed with rich flavors and comes with easy step-by-step instructions. Kohinoor Authentic Basmati Biryani Kit gives you a delicious homemade biryani high on flavor and aroma.

MRP: Rs 125*

*price at the time of review

Tasting Session

The color of the biryani was perfect. However, the taste is a little bland. So I would suggest adding a little salt while sauteing the masala with chicken. Overall, I liked the product and, I must say, it is true to its name- Awadhi Biryani. I would recommend Kohinoor’s Awadhi Biryani to others. I will definitely keep this as an option if I don’t want to cook the regular biryani that I usually make at home.

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