Mishry Mums Review: Top Ramen Atta Noodles

We asked Mishry Mum Saugat Singh to review the Top Ramen Atta NOoodles and here's what she had to say about it

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Check out Mishry Mum Saugat Singh’s review of the Top Ramen Atta Noodles here.

First Impressions:

The packaging of Top Ramen Atta Noodles is very simple. It is easy to open. The back of the packet contains adequate nutritional facts. The ingredients list is also typed out clearly on the package. The price is also very reasonable.

Tasting Session:

I found the taste of Top Ramen Atta Noodles to be very good. The spices and seasoning provided with the noodles are perfect. It isn’t too spicy. The texture of the noodles is also very good and enjoyable.

 Mishry Mums Review: Top Ramen Atta Noodles
Mishry Mum Saugat Singh reviews Top Ramen Atta Noodles.
Watch full video below.

The noodles are very tasty. The price is also reasonable. It is made of whole wheat flour and not refined flour so it is the healthier option. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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About Mishry Mum Saugat Singh

A brand new mom of twin baby girls, Saugat’s day (and nights) are completely focused on her daughters and she is clearly beaming with happiness and adoration, every time she looks at her babies. She is extremely conscientious about what products to pick for the babies and gives enough thought to how to best take care of your physical and mental health post-delivery. She is also very passionate about animal welfare and is a huge bird lover.  

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