Mishry Mums Review: Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bars

The Yoga Bar Multigrain bars are packed with energy. Fitness consultant, lifestyle coach and Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani tried these energy bars and this is what she had to say

Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani is always on the hunt for healthy foods. She tried 4 different Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bars and here’s what she said-

First Impressions:

I tried 4 different Yoga bar Multigrain Energy Bars- Orange Cashew, Chocolate Chunk Nut, Nuts and Seeds, and Vanilla Almonds. Each of these bars is individually wrapped. The packaging makes it easy to be carried around everywhere especially to the gym. It has no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no cholesterol, and no processed sugars. It is designed to have a natural balance of vitamins and minerals.

 Mishry Mums Review: Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bars

Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bar:

This pack includes four different flavors of Yoga Bars that are packed with energy, vitamins, and minerals.

MRP: Rs. 400*

*Price at the time of review.

Tasting Session:

I tried the Nuts and Seeds bar and really liked the taste. However, it was a little too chewy and tough. It is definitely not crispy. It has brown rice millets, foxtail millets, oats, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, watermelon seeds, rice crispies, cranberry, peanut protein powder, honey, almonds, palm sugar, and virgin coconut oil. It provides enough energy to replace your breakfast.

 Mishry Mums Review: Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bars
Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani reviews Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bars

I wouldn’t recommend switching your breakfast every day with this bar. Occasionally, you could do so but not on a regular basis. These bars have very healthy ingredients and I would definitely recommend this to others, especially to the health nuts.

Watch: Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani reviews the Yoga Bar Multigrain Energy Bars.

About Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani

Our Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani is here to add Spunk and a Sparkle with her vivacious personality. She is a certified nutritionist & an undisputed foodie. Mom of 2, Pooja is also an eco warrior who has selflessly dedicated herself to work towards building an ecosystem for kids where their days are filled with outdoor activities rather than being glued to the screen.

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