Ready Meals and Mixes

Ready meals and mixes can make your life much easier. They are easy and quick to use, easy to store and last longer.

Ready meals and mixes are the most useful products for when you’re in a hurry and prefer to eat something quicky and filling. These ready mixes take little time and effort to cook or prepare. Over the past few years, ready mixes and meals have become even more popular especially amongst youngsters and working individuals.

Ready mixes generally tend to take less than 5 minutes to prepare and require either no or minimum extra ingredients. Food items like oats and instant noodles are also easily available and cooking them takes off very little of your time and labor.

Saffola Classic Masala Oats

The Saffola Classic Masala Oats is a quick meal option that can be cooked in just 3 minutes. It is high in fiber and protein. It has a really delicious masala taste that suits the Indian palate very well. It can be eaten at any time of the day.

 Ready Meals and Mixes
Saffola Classic Masala oats mix is packed with the goodness of oats along with the flavors of the best Indian masalas.

Chef’s Basket Pasta Box

This is a box that contains pasta, seasoning, and sauce. This pasta is not only good to taste but also extremely easy to make. All you need to do is heat up the sauce, add boiled pasta, and the seasoning provided. You also have the option to customize the pasta by adding sauteed vegetables or meat-based on your preference.

 Ready Meals and Mixes
Chef’s Box Alfredo Pasta is a no-fuss, easy to make, gourmet pasta mix.

Ketofy Keto Dosa Mix

The Ketofy Keto Dosa Mix is specifically designed to suit a keto diet. It has been formulated to keep in mind both health and taste. It has essential vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C, along with some carbs, fats, and proteins. It also contains minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, etc. This mix is gluten-free, vegetarian, free of chemicals and artificial compounds, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives free and it has no added sugars.

 Ready Meals and Mixes
The Ketofy dosa mix is 100% vegetarian and is also suitable for a ketogenic diet.

Saffola Fittify Gourmet Hi-Protein Meal Soup

This soup mix is fit for 4 servings. It has no added preservatives, colors, animal extracts, or flavors. This soup is a high protein soup made with dal, curd, spinach, and other leafy vegetables. This soup has been curated by celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor to ensure good taste along with health.

 Ready Meals and Mixes
This high protein soup is a complete low-calorie meal on its own.

MTR Instant Plain Upma Mix

This filling and tasty masala upma require just a few minutes to cook. It is a combination of semolina or sooji, along with other seasoning agents. It can be eaten either as a breakfast or as an evening.

 Ready Meals and Mixes
The MTR Upma Mix lets you make delicious upma in just a few minutes.

Haldiram Minute Khana Dal Makhani

Haldiram’s Minute Khana offers a varied range of Indian style classic curries and mixes. These mixes come in insulated and sealed pouches that just need to be heated. This mildly spiced dal makhani can serve two easily. The ready curry has no added preservatives.

 Ready Meals and Mixes
This scrumptious dal makhanai only needs to be heated to be enjoyed.

Almost all of the products mentioned above require very minimal heating or cooking. These have been curated to suit the Indian taste buds and are absolutely delicious. - Reviews That Matter
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