Rock Salt Brands For Better Health

Rock salt is known to be more beneficial for health as compared to regular refined salt. These crystals of salt tend be pink in color, and are generally sourced from from the Himalayas.

Rock salts are pretty similar to table salt. However, these are bigger crystals of salt that not only contain sodium and chloride but also other minerals such as iron, nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc, and manganese, making them a healthier alternative to regular table salt. Rock salt is also the least processed form of salt. Hence it has many more minerals compared to processed table salts. It is considered to be more healthy, particularly Himalayan Pink salt, which is now becoming more popular amongst those who seek a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some of the rock salt brands you could consider buying online and adding into your daily dishes.

Organic India Pink Rock Salt

Rock salt has been listed as beneficial for the body in ancient texts. It is a source of minerals that help in the better absorption of nutrients and digestion. It also adds the much-needed flavor to food.

 Rock Salt Brands For Better Health

Palfrey Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

The Palfrey Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is made from premium quality, organically and ethically sourced Pink Salt from the Himalayas. It is rich in about 84 different minerals, helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar level, and helps maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

 Rock Salt Brands For Better Health
Natural pink rock salt sourced from the Himalayas.

NutriOrg Premium Himalayan Pink Salt

NutriOrg Premium Himalayan Pink Salt is packed with beneficial nutrients that help regulate blood pressure. It contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, which include magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, and potassium.

 Rock Salt Brands For Better Health

Keya Himalayan Pink Salt

The Keya Himalayan Pink Salt is 100% natural. It is made from organically and ethically sourced pink salt. The salt helps to detoxify the body, regulate blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. It is extensively used to season most Indian and Asian dishes.

 Rock Salt Brands For Better Health

Tata Rock Salt

Enjoy a nice burst of flavor in every meal with this rock salt. It is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Perfect for providing nourishment to you and your family.

 Rock Salt Brands For Better Health

We hope this list helps you make the switch from regular refined salt to a much healthier pink Himalayan salt. - Reviews That Matter

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  1. We used to use this only in nimboo pani or chaat. But after reading your reviews will surely start using it more !

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