Beyond The Fruit: Enjoy The Best Mango Juices

Soothe your soul as mangoes keep you cool this summers. Eat it as it is, cook with it, make a salad or grab a juice on the go. You've got enough and more to choose from.

Rich in fiber and plenty of other health benefits, this God’s gift to mankind is one of the tastiest fruits on the planet. From being eaten as it is or as a juice to being used in cooking, the mango is nothing short of miracle fruit. And what’s even better is when you can taste that nectar through the year. Which is why packaged mango juices are nothing short of a boon. Here are some of the most attractive brands of packaged mango juices available in India.

Best Mango Juices

B Natural Mango Juice

B NATURAL Mango offers an authentic experience of the fruit and is a preferred brand among Indian consumers. In fact, the company’s entire series of juices are produced by sourcing fruits local farmers from across the country.

B Natural juices do not use the supplementary step of concentration, which requires heating of the juice/pulp to remove the water content, which may lead to the loss of nutrients in the form of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C. They also produce juices with the best Alphonso mangoes sourced only from Ratnagiri. They do not contain any artificial flavors or added preservatives.

B Natural Alphonso Mango Juice

Made from special Alphonso mangoes sourced from Ratnagiri they are a special variety for mango juice lovers. It contains the complete goodness of fruit and fiber with no added preservatives and no artificial colors.

Paper Boat Aamras Juice

PAPER BOAT is one of the most popular commercial brands available in India. What’s inside the Paper Boat Aamras you ask? 45% of mango pulp; a slight touch of sugar and water as well as cardamom and saffron for flavor. It has no added preservatives or coloring agents.

Their packaging is interesting and always has a story attached to each of its products. And that silken nectar will leave you craving for more.

 Beyond The Fruit: Enjoy The Best Mango Juices

Real Fruit Power Mango

RÉAL FRUIT POWER MANGO is nothing short of sheer indulgence and every sip makes you believe you’re biting into the real mango fruit. An extended series of flavors has been manufactured to cater to different needs, occasions, and taste buds. The mango juice is made from the goodness of Alphonso mangoes and comes with no added preservatives or colors.


FROOTI is made from Totapuri mango pulp and is a vegetarian product. It is now thicker and juicier with 19.5% mango pulp. Frooti is the largest selling mango flavored drink in India and was introduced to India as an easy to grab-while-on-the-go carton filled with delicious mango juice.

This was the first Tetra Pak beverage introduced in India. From the introduction of the tetra pak to being the first to unveil the PET bottle and TCA tetra pak, Frooti has been an all-time favorite for countless people over the years.


MAAZA, a quality product by The Coca-Cola Company, has a distinct pulpy taste and is slightly sweeter than its competitors. Maaza claims to contain mango pulp of the Alphonso variety. Maaza was initially sold in returnable bottles but now is also available in small cartons and large PET bottles. And as you would with most beverages of this nature, shake it well and serve chilled.

 Beyond The Fruit: Enjoy The Best Mango Juices


TANG is an artificially flavored instant drink available in about 35 different countries around the world and comes in an assortment of distinct flavors depending on the country it’s available in. These packets of flavor are preferred due to their undeniable taste and consistency but due to high sugar content and other additives, they aren’t really good for regular consumption by people who do not lead active lifestyles.

However, Tang continues to be one of the major instant fruit drink mixes in India, especially amongst kids.

One of the best beverages for hot days, this mine of naturally-filled fiber and other nutrients continues to be one of the country’s most favorite thirst quenchers. - Reviews That Matter

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