The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)

We have tried and tasted many, many Maggi flavors in our review kitchen, here's our list of the Best Maggi Flavours, ever!

‘Maggi’ is a brand, a word, and a feeling – all rolled into one. Every time you hear the word, your taste buds immediately react and produce a craving that is unique to this iconic brand from the house of Nestlé. Maggi has been a companion since childhood for many, for others it is what helped them survive hostel days when there were no easy and value for money snacking options. With time, maggi has come out with numerous flavors and expanded its catalog manifold. Not all of these taste as good as the original, but some of them do end up doing justice to the legacy of Maggi. We have tried and tasted many, many Maggi flavors in our review kitchen, here’s our list of the Best Maggi Flavors, ever!

The list comprises of flavors that emerged winners in our comparative product reviews, and also those that were recommended by our editors during our #FirstImpressions taste tests.

Best Variants of Maggi

1. Maggi Masala Noodles

When it comes to instant noodles, there can never be a more flavorful and signature experience associated with any other variant of Maggi, as it is with Maggi masala. Emerging as a top pick for our comparative review that included many popular brands, maggi masala noodles, with its flavorful mix of spices, easily complemented the taste of the noodles and effortlessly took the number one spot.

 The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)

MAGGI Noodles – Masala, 70 g Pouch

Maggi Masala Noodles has a flavorful blend of spices that compliments the taste of its noodles that can be prepared in minutes.

2. Maggi Nutri-Licious Veg Atta Noodles

Maggi atta noodle was introduced as a healthier alternative for its masala variant, and since it is made from wheat flour, there is no doubt in that. However, now it has created a separate fan base of its own, which is also correctly justified (as seen in our comparative review). In our review, we shortlisted some of the well-known brands of atta noodles across the nation and tasted them to find the one that is the best. Maggi’s Nutri-Licious veg atta noodles had just the perfect blend of masala that was needed to be the best.

mishry reviews for best atta noodles

MAGGI Nutri-Licious Atta Masala Noodles, 290 g

A great option for a healthy and tasty snacking option that has a better nutritional value and flavor than regular Maggi.

3. Maggi Masala Oats Noodles

Made with a blend of oats flour, this variant of Maggi has 20 different herbs and spices that are going to take your taste buds for a ride. Apart from being healthier, this variant performed well in our first impressions taste test, for it was completely ‘masaledaar.’

 The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)

MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Oats Masala Noodles – (Pack of 4)

A source of iron and fiber, this variant of Maggi draws flavors from 20 different herbs and spices and uses approximately 40% Oats flour in the noodles.

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4. Maggi 2-Minute Special Masala Noodles

Maggi 2-Minute Special Masala Instant Noodles is good old Maggi with an added dose of masalas. It’s spicy and was really enjoyed by all the spice-lovers in the tasting. During the review, even those who do not like too much heat in their food enjoyed a little kick from the chilies in this. We even had some of them comment that they would prefer this to the usual Magic Masala variant.

 The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)

Maggi 2-Minute Special Masala Instant Noodles, 70g (Pack of 12)

Made with a blend of finely ground and whole spices, and herbs, the Maggi 2-Minute Special Masala Instant Noodles has a more spicy and masaledar Tastemaker sachet inside.

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5. Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Without Onion And Garlic

It goes without saying that the lack of onion and garlic in these noodles corresponds with a less spicy taste as compared to others, but it is still a flavorful fix if you are looking for a variant that helps you go through days when you want to avoid onion and garlic. If you are a Maggi-lover, there is no doubt that you’ll recognize its taste and enjoy it nonetheless.

 The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)

Nestle Maggi 2-MINN Masala No Onion And Garlic, 70g

Made out of choicest roasted spices and quality ingredients, this variant of Maggi 2-Minute Noodles is made without onion or garlic.

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6. Maggi Chicken Noodles

A perfect fix for meat lovers, this variant of Maggi’s 2-minute noodles range has it all. Maggi’s chicken noodle’s flavors are distinct and unique. Tasting more like regular noodles, this variant does justice to the taste of the small-bits of chickens that it contains.

 The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)

MAGGI Noodles – Chicken, 71 g Pouch

Containing iron & calcium, this new & improved variant claims to offer a delightful experience that’ll leave you craving for more.

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7. Maggi Fusian Variants

Maggi introduced three new flavors under the ‘Fusian’ range. Taking inspiration from various Asian cities known for their street food, the Maggi Fusian variants are a really bold step undertaken by the brand. Its flavors included Hong Kong spicy garlic, Bangkok sweet chili, and Singaporean Tangy Pepper.

 The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)
 The Best Maggi Flavors Ever! (Recommended by Our Editors)

Nestle Maggi Fusian Noodles India

An assortment of 3 flavors inspired by Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, all in one pack. The pack contains 12 units, 4 packs each of MAGGI Fusian Singaporean Tangy Pepper Noodles, Bangkok Sweet Chilli Noodles, & Hong Kong Spicy Garlic Noodles.

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Now that all of the variants are listed, it must be clear that this list is not short and you have a lot to experiment with. All of these products are tried and tasted by us, which makes this list more trustworthy. - Reviews That Matter
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