Top 5 Reasons Honey Is Good For You

Honey has many health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, is rich in anti-oxidants and helps boost hair and skin health too. We reviewed 8 popular honey brands in the country to arrive at our Top Picks. Here are the top 5 reasons to opt for Honey, and the brands we recommend based on our detailed review.

Honey is a natural sweetening agent that has been in use for many centuries. Produced by bees and marketed by various companies, honey is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a part of many popular recipes and home remedies. We reviewed 8 popular honey brands in the country to arrive at our Top Picks.

To assess the purity of Honey, which determines its health quotient, a few standards are advised by FSSAI, in line with international norms. We chose to test moisture content, added sugar and Hydroxy Methyl Furfural HMF to see how pure the honey is.

Best Honey Top Pick: Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu aced all the parameters we decided to assess the quality of honey. Moisture content, added sugar and HMF (Hydroxymethyl Furfural) levels were optimal. Based on these results, it has been chosen as our TOP PICK.

Based on our research and analysis, the test results show that Zandu contains low amounts of moisture and HMF, along with no traces of added sugar. What also impressed us was the packaging, the product label gives you several details about the honey and users can even check the purity of each batch by clicking the link provided on the label. Last but not least, we like that the bottle is glass, instead of plastic.

Best Honey Value For Money: Dabur Honey

Dabur Honey showed controlled moisture levels along with no added sugar, in our test results. Another winning factor is the economic pricing of this brand, in comparison to all the other brands we reviewed. These factors contributed to making it our Best Honey: Value For Money Pick.

Dabur honey is one of the oldest and the most popular honey brands in India. Our lab test results indicated that Dabur has no added sugar and the moisture content along with HMF is found to be well within the permissible levels. Affordable pricing is another big reason for the overall popularity and our recommendation of the brand. Based on these three criteria, Dabur Honey is our Value for Money Pick

 Top 5 Reasons Honey Is Good For You

Summary: Best Honey Brands

Best Honey Top Pick: Zandu Pure Honey

Best Honey Value For Money Pick: Dabur Honey

In addition to two Top Picks we suggested in our review titled: Best Honey Brands With No Added Sugar (Dabur Honey and Zandu Pure Honey), we found two other brands with no traces of added sugar. Both these brands are Certified Organic brands of honey – Organica Organic Forest Honey and Organic India Wild Forest Honey. While both these kinds of honey showed high levels of HMF, neither contained any traces of added sugar and displayed low levels of moisture content too.

As far as the Organic Honey is concerned, there is an increasing demand for raw, natural honey across the world, and being Certified Organic, both by Indian and American authorities does give Organica Organic Forest Honey and Organic India Wild Forest Honey credibility.

While studies on what exactly high levels of HMF mean are still ongoing, specialists agree that higher levels of HMF are suggestive of the handling and processing the honey goes through. Honey is called ‘organic’ when the flowers from which bees get the nectar are free from any chemicals and the bees are not given antibiotics. Raw/Forest Honey would typically be honey that has not been extracted as a result of bee farming, or bee cultivation.

Since both these brands are free of added sugar and low in moisture, it means they will keep well. Their certifications (FSSAI and Organic) indicate they are safe to consume.

Organic India Wild Forest Honey

Pure Honey should not just be sweet but also flavorful. Being a Certified Organic brand of honey, Organic India Wild Forest Honey showed no traces of added sugar along with permissible levels of moisture. 

Organica Organic Forest Honey

High levels of moisture indicate a higher likelihood of fermentation, thereby degradation of honey. Our tests revealed controlled amounts of moisture along with no traces of added sugar in Organica Organic Forest Honey.

 Top 5 Reasons Honey Is Good For You

Summary: Best Honey Brands

Best Organic Honey Top Pick: Organic India Wild Forest Honey

Best Organic Honey Value For Money Pick: Organica Organic Forest Honey

Top 5 Benefits of Honey

1.   Loaded With Anti-Oxidants

Honey is loaded with antioxidants such as phenol and flavonoids and can be highly beneficial when it comes to tackling any inflammation or damages related to high oxidative stress in your body. Anti-oxidants also help in strengthening the immune system.

  • Effective cough suppressant

Honey is considered as one of the most favorable remedies in order to manage symptoms of common cold and cough. The viscous texture of honey is also suitable for relieving you from that irritation caused by the mucus formation in your throat during coughing.

3.   Aiding In Digestion

Honey is rich in antioxidants that are responsible for reducing the risk of free-radical damage that causes inflammation of your intestines, further resulting in indigestion. Consumption of honey is also helpful when it comes to tackling acid reflux. Acid reflux is a digestive problem that occurs when the acids in the stomach irritate the lining of the food pipe.

4. Aids In Weight Loss

Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that not only help in digestion but also help curb your appetite. Honey boosts your energy by converting the stored fat and increase the level of good cholesterol. Packed with amino acids, honey is normally consumed with lime juice and mixed with lukewarm water, a solution that plays a vital role in our body’s metabolism.

5. Natural Product For Skin And Hair Care

Honey can be used for bringing a healthy glow to your skin. It also helps in making your hair shiny and voluminous. Thanks to its anti-bacterial nature, when applied over the skin, honey can reduce the risk of acne development, and inflammation. Moreover, the application of honey over your scalp can reduce the fungal growth and help in getting rid of dandruff while providing essential moisture in order to get rid of dryness.

Like all natural things, nature has given us a host of health benefits in the form of honey. The selection of the best brands, and how we use them ultimately make all the difference. - Reviews That Matter
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