Top 5 Things To Use A Food Processor For

A food processor is like your assistant in the kitchen. It takes care of all the grunt work like chopping, dicing, slicing and kneading so you can don't have to worry about it. Here's our list of the best food processors.

A food processor reduces the time you spend in your kitchen doing boring and repetitive prep work. It was introduced in 1946. It can chop, shred and slice in no time.

Best Food Processor

Philips 700-Watt Food Processor (HL1660)

 Top 5 Things To Use A Food Processor For

This food processor includes a mixer, grinder, juicer, blender, etc. The attachments are of high quality. The processor comes with a power-chop technology that makes chopping both soft and hard vegetables easy. There are 2 speed settings: low for kneading and whipping, and high for chopping. The product has a 2 years warranty.

Panasonic MK-5086M 230-Watt Food Processor:

 Top 5 Things To Use A Food Processor For

The Panasonic food processor operates on 230 watts power. The lid comes with a safety lock clamp. It also has various changeable blades which are very sharp and produce fine cuts. The lid has an ultra-tight seal that makes it leak proof. The product has a 1-year warranty. It has a very compact design making it portable and handy.

Cello Kitchen Chef KC-FP-300 750-Watt Food Processor (Red and Black)

 Top 5 Things To Use A Food Processor For

The Cello food processor has two-speed settings. It has the following attachments- coffee/spice jar, atta kneader, chopping blade, slicing blade, shredding blade, and egg whisker. The lid has a safety lock feature to prevent accidental spillage. The main jar has a capacity of 2.5L and the additional jars have a capacity of 1.5L. The product has a warranty of 2 years.

Inalsa Magic Pro 700-Watt Food Processor (Black/Silver):

 Top 5 Things To Use A Food Processor For

The Inalsa food processor has a powerful 700 watts motor. Therefore, the processing is faster and more efficient. The capacity of the main bowl is 1.4L. This processor can perform over 50 functions including chopping, slicing, juicing, emulsifying, etc. It has 2-speed settings along with a pulse function for an extra boost of power when needed. The product comes with a 2 years warranty.

What Can You Use a Food Processor For?

Process Vegetables

A food processor can be used to chop, dice, slice or even grate vegetables.

Make Dips and Sauces

You can make many simple sauces and dips like hummus, salsa, guacamole or pesto.

 Top 5 Things To Use A Food Processor For

Make Dough

A food processor makes preparing dough a mess-free job. You can make a simple roti dough, cookie dough or even a pasta dough.

Prepare Minced Meat

A small, boneless chunk of meat can be processed in food processors to make meat mince for your kebabs and koftas.

Make Fruit or Vegetable Juice

You can make glasses of healthy fruit and vegetable juices as and when you like with a food processor.

In conclusion, there are various ways in which you can use your food processor. How you chose to use it, is up to you. However, we hope our list has made your task of choosing the best processor easier. Click here to learn more about the top 8 food processors and their key features. - Reviews That Matter
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