Types of Mini Fridges

A mini fridge is very compact, handy a portable. And, just like a regular fridge there are various features that affect the way the appliance performs.

If you are an avid traveler, surely, you’ve seen a tiny little fridge in your hotel room. Maybe you’ve seen one in your office or in some hostel room. These mini fridges are compact and extremely useful. It can store a bottle of water or cans of juice and in some cases food too. Since they are so small, they can be placed anywhere, at your convenience.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, parched and longing for just one sip of cold water. You can’t really have your entire refrigerator in the bedroom, but you can have a mini-fridge. It can also help you satiate your midnight munchies.

Mini fridges can be of the following types:

Cube Mini Fridges:

These are small, compact fridges with single door openings. These are expensive, take up very little space and have limited compartments.

Travel Mini Fridge:

These mini fridges are very compact and easy to carry. It is perfect for family outings, picnics, and camps. You can store both food and beverages in them. However, these fridges are not very durable and can break down very easily. They are very affordable.

Counter High Compact Mini Fridge:

These mini-fridges are also called under-the-counter fridges. They are small enough to be fitted right under your counter. They are generally well equipped with locks, dispensers, freezer, and lighting. They can be of the single or double door type. They have a higher storage capacity compared to the other mini-fridges and so are a little pricey.

Drinks Mini Fridge:

These mini refrigerators are meant drinks, juices or water. They are portable. The temperature setting in these refrigerators are fit only for beverages and cannot help keep vegetable or food fresh.

Mid Sized Mini Fridge:

These are similar to cube mini-fridges except they have more storage space. The number of compartments is more and they also have freezers. Not surprisingly, they are more expensive than cube mini-fridges.

Best Mini Refrigerators:

LG Direct-Cool Refrigerator

As per their website, LG’s philosophy revolves around people, sincerity and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand customers, to offer optimum, solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping customers lead better lives.

 Types of Mini Fridges

The refrigerator is absolutely ready to use and does not require any expert installation or demo. It has a capacity of 45 liters. The body has a steel finish. The door has a lock option, powerful cooling, and an ice tray.

Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej claims to enjoy the patronage of 1.1 billion consumers globally across consumer goods, real estate, appliances, agriculture, and many other businesses.

 Types of Mini Fridges

The fridge works with a direct cool technology. It is a single door refrigerator. It requires manual defrosting. It has a capacity of 99 liters and a 1-star energy rating. The fridge consists of wired shelves.

Blue Star

This is a water dispenser cum refrigerator. The refrigerator has a 14 liters capacity. The body of the appliance is made of ABS plastic. The water tank is made of food-grade stainless steel.

It has three taps that can dispense different temperatures of water. The appliance can cool 3 liters and heat 5 liters of water per hour.

Haier Refrigerator

Haier started off as a brand in the Chinese market 35 years ago. Today, it has become a global brand branching out all over Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

 Types of Mini Fridges

The Haier refrigerator has a direct cool technology. It has a 3-star energy rating. It is a single door refrigerator that requires manual defrosting. It has a capacity of 52 liters. It has multiple wired shelves.

There are different types of mini-fridges available that have been made to fit the various needs of different consumers. Carefully pick the one that suits you best and buy it. They are available both online and offline so take your time and be sure to buy the one that fits you. Don’t forget to check out our list of the top 7 mini-fridges and their features.

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