Quick Guide To Buying Water Purifiers

There are different types of water purifiers that work differently to cleanse and purify drinking water. Here's a quick look at the Best Water Purifiers for your kitchen.

Water is always ridden with impurities and pollutants. It can be purified either by boiling, distillation, chlorination or filtration to make it fit for drinking. Water must be filtered properly before consumption; this is particularly critical for young children who have lower immunity. Modern water purifiers enable you to filter and purify waters and make them suitable for your family to keep water-borne diseases and ailments at bay. Filtration is a popularly used method and is the basic principle used in modern water purifiers. There are different types of water purifiers that work differently to cleanse and purify drinking water.

Ultra Filtration (UF) is great for muddy water. It does not require any electricity and can get rid of dirt, bacteria, viruses and other impurities.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is good for hard water purification. With the process of reverse osmosis, this filtration system can get rid of hard metals such as magnesium, arsenic, lead, and fluoride to give pure water.

Ultraviolet Filtration (UV) does make use of any chemicals. The bacteria and viruses are killed with the help of UV radiation. This works for water with low levels of solid impurities.

Activated Carbon Filtration is a relatively new type of filtration where the activated carbon pulls impurities out of the water.

Here’s our list of some of the best water purifiers.

Best Water Purifiers

Havells Max

The Havells Max filter has a high-quality RO membrane and a UV purification system. It also has a mineral cartridge that corrects the pH level of purified water. This cartridge also adds a full spectrum of minerals back into the water.

The filter has a tank capacity of 7 liters and a 1-year warranty. It also has an auto cut -off feature and shows alerts for on-going self-diagnostics, purification, full tank, etc.

Hindware Elara

It has a seven-stage purification system. It consists of RO+UV+UF+Mineral Fortification systems. The company provides free installation. The superior RO membrane in this filter eliminated dissolved impurities from water.

The filter has an elegant design. It also has LED indicators for power, full tank, and purification. The tank can store up to 7 liters of water. The product has a 1-year warranty.

AO Smith X8 Green

AO Smith claims to have a history of remarkable achievements with over 140 years of integrity, innovation and customer satisfaction. The company claims to know what appeals to Indian customers.

The filter has an 8 stage filtration process that can produce baby-safe water. It has very little water wastage. It requires 48 watts of power. It can store 9 liters of water. The filter also has a 1-year warranty.

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Kent Grand Plus 8 L Mineral RO + UV/UF With TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent has always been one of the leading brands producing water purifiers, healthcare, and home appliances.

Kent Grand Plus has an 8 Liters tank made of food-grade plastic. It has a TDS controller and a UV lamp fitted in. The Kent Grand uses a multistage purification system of RO=UV/UF that helps get rid of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and salts to make water absolutely safe for drinking.

The purifier uses a patented RO technology that can retain necessary minerals with the help of TDS controllers. The tank has a storage capacity of 8 liters and can purify at the rate of 20 liters per hour. The Kent Grand also has a safe water technology that helps reduce water wastage.

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Livpure Touch

The brand Livpure claims to be a well-known organization in the Indian corporate world. It is one of the trusted manufacturers of water purifiers in India.

The filter has a next-gen design with intelligent technology, a taste enhancer, and a membrane life enhancer. It has a 7 stage advanced purification system in place. It can purify up to 15 liters of water per hour. The tank in this filter can store up to 8.5 liters of water. It also has a filter change indicator.

Types of Filters

Ultra Filtration (UF) Filter

In UF filtration, there is a very thin membrane present that effectively traps impurities suspended in the water. When water passes through this membrane, impurities, as well as bacteria and viruses, are not able to successfully pass through. However, the UF filtration system is only able to trap larger impurities completely. Therefore, such purifiers are suitable for places where the water does not contain a large number of impurities. It is not suitable for hard water. UF water filters do not need electricity or water pressure.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filter

 Quick Guide To Buying Water Purifiers

In an RO Water Purifier, water is pushed through a super-porous membrane. This process gets rid of hard metals present in water. Dissolved impurities like Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Nitrates and sulfates are also trapped in the membrane to give pure water fit for drinking and cooking. It also works with hard water.

Ultra Violet (UV) Filter

 Quick Guide To Buying Water Purifiers

This is a very good process of filtration that does not make use of any chemical. Water is passed through a tube fitted with a UV lamp. The UV rays emitted kill most of the germs, bacteria, and viruses inside the water. This type of filtration is ideal for water with low total dissolved solids(TDS) levels. This process can purify 2-4 liters of water in a minute.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon is obtained from burnt coconut shells, nutshells or wood. This activated carbon effectively pulls impurities like chlorine, chemicals, pesticides and hard metals from water. It also gets rid of bad odor and taste causing elements from water.

 Quick Guide To Buying Water Purifiers

When dealing with hard water you would need to use a purifier with RO and/or Activated carbon filters. These two filters are the most effective at trapping the magnesium or calcium sulfates and carbonates, making the water fit for drinking.

The Ultrafiltration filters can even clean muddy water, getting rid of the dirt, germs, etc. These do not even make use of electricity and can easily clean muddy or turbid water making it clean and almost clean for consumption.

Buying a water purifier is very important and getting the best possible one can be made easier with this list. The best filter would be one with a combination of RO+UV+UF filtration to give you the purest water possible. Don’t forget to check out our buying guide for the best water purifier online and offline.

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