Chip Off The Old Block: Dark Chocolate Chips For Extra Oomph In Your Bakes

Chip Off The Old Block: Dark Chocolate Chips For Extra Oomph In Your Bakes

Take your experience of baking to another level by just adding some dark chocolate chips.

You can use dark chocolate chips in almost anything. These little drops of heaven add flavor and texture to plain cakes, work as a marvelous garnish over ice cream sundaes, give your cookies a lovely crunch – the list is endless. And they’re used to decorate desserts too, which you of course eat at the end of it.

Chocolate chips come in different flavors – dark, milk chocolate and white. Amid all three, the dark chocolate chips are most popular. So here’s a list of brands that sell the best quality dark chocolate chips. Happy baking!

Best Five Brands of Chocolate Chips Available Online

Urban Platter Dark Chocolate Chips

Perfect for baking and garnishing, this pack of dark chocolate chips is 100% pure and of premium quality. Weighing 200 gm, these chips can be added to cakes, cookies, puddings, kheer, and even oatmeal.

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Prizex Dark Chocolate Chips 

This delicious pack of dark chocolate chips weight 200 gm and are suitable for all your baking needs. Remember to refrigerate the chips before using them.

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Better Bites Dark Chocolate Chips

These dark chocolate chips weighs 250 gm and they go best with cakes, desserts, cookies, and other desserts.

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Leeve Dry Fruits Dark Chocolate Chips

This pack of dark chocolate chips weighs 200 gm. Add these to your shakes, coffee, puddings, kheer and add extra flavor to them.

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Chocoville Chocolate Chips Dark

These dark chocolate chips weigh 200 gm and are sweetened. Add them to your cookies, puddings, and muffins.

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Here’s a cool piece of trivia for you. The famous Chocolate Chip Cookie, invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield, existed even before the chocolate chip was invented. Given that there were no chips available back then, Wakefield used to cut up pieces of a Nestle chocolate bar to add to her cookie dough. Chocolate chips came into existence only in 1941.

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