Delicious Dips That Go With All Your Favorite Snacks

Delicious Dips That Go With All Your Favorite Snacks

Every snack needs a flavorful dip. Whether you are eating chips, crackers or hot wings, a dip is all it takes to give the taste a makeover.

There was a time when our fries felt lifeless without a dollop of tomato ketchup or chili sauce. But the story is quite different now. You can choose from literally over 100 bottles of dips and sauces that will make all your snacks taste yummy.

From sweet sauces to fiery hot ones – dips go really well with chips, fries, crudites, nachos, and even your homemade pakodas and all kinds of fritters. So, here are a few options of dips for your kitchen that you are bound to love.

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Doritos Dip

This is a 300-gm jar of sour cream dip. It also contains chives.

This dip has a creamy consistency that makes it perfect to be paired with nachos, chips, or even veggie sticks. You are recommended to refrigerate this dip jar after opening it. This is a non-vegetarian product as it contains dried egg yolk.

Habanero Dip

This is a 385-gm jar of a gluten-free dip. This dip is 100% vegan and made with fresh tomatoes.

This spicy dip is cooked using the slow-simmering process. This dip can be used as a pizza/pasta sauce and also with rice or noodles. You are recommended to dilute the dip to form a paste/gravy consistency. One jar offers up to four servings.

Veeba Dip

This is a 360-gm jar of a salsa dip. This is a 100% vegetarian product. Mexican snacks like chips, nachos, momos, dimsums taste exceptional with this dip. You can also relish this dip with fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, onions, liquid glucose, spices, and condiments are the main ingredients used.

Vegan Co’s Dip

This is a 275-gm jar of India’s first vegan cheese dip. It is packed in a glass jar.

Best paired with chips, crackers, sliced veggies, fries, etc, this cheesy dip can also be used as a base for pizzas and burgers. This dip is gluten and lactose-free and comes in earth-friendly packaging.

Kissan Knorr Dip

This is a 200-gm pouch of pasta sauce that has a dip-like consistency.

Made using 100% real vegetables, this dip comes in attractive pouch packaging. It can be resealed with the lid and ensures maximum hygiene after each use. You are recommended to store this dip in a cool and dry place.

Dips come in all sorts of flavors and have different bases too, while some are made purely of mayonnaise, others have either cheese or tomato has the base. And you can even mix two up to make your own personalized dip, now doesn’t that sound like fun?

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