Stainless Steel Mathani (Curd Whisk) Review (Is it better than the wooden kind?)

We tested the good old wooden mathani side by side with a stainless steel mathani (whisk) to test which one works more efficiently and quickly.

Beverages made with curd are a common Indian household staple. Chilled spiced buttermilk (chaas/chaach) or a sweet lassi is a refreshing beverage to cool you down on a hot summer day. Unless you prefer the packaged ones, the flavor of some fresh homemade buttermilk or lassi is unmatched. We all must have seen our mothers or grandmothers whisking away some curd and water to make summer coolers for the family to enjoy in the hot summer months. We tested a wooden mathani and a stainless steel mathani side-by-side to see which one was more efficient and made some delicious buttermilk.

Our Process And Observation

We purchased a stainless steel mathani from the local utensil market. A standard stainless steel mathani is priced between Rs 100-300/- depending on the quality of the product. These are available online and at local vendors from where you usually buy other kitchen tools like knives, peelers, and strainers.

We made buttermilk using the wooden mathani in one container and in another we made buttermilk using the stainless steel mathani. We made the buttermilk using equal portions of water and curd and added some bhuna jeera and rock salt to it.

 Stainless Steel Mathani (Curd Whisk) Review (Is it better than the wooden kind?)
The buttermilk race between a traditional wooden mathani and a stainless steel mathani

The Wooden Mathani – The structure of the wooden mathani is a standard old school one. (See picture). The manual rotation process ensures a good froth formation on top of the buttermilk. The grip is good but slips easily and sometimes spirals downwards. The cleaning of the mathani is easy and doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing. The disadvantage is that it soaks up the liquid/curd.

The Stainless Steel Mathani – The design and structure is new and innovative, it has four blades that are serrated on the inside. It also has a small loop on top to save space (You can hang it on a hook). The working of the stainless steel mathani is very easy. It has a pushdown lever that needs to be used to make the buttermilk and no manual rotation is required. It is easy to clean and saves a lot of time. Very quickly, we could see the froth forming on top of the buttermilk.

 Stainless Steel Mathani (Curd Whisk) Review (Is it better than the wooden kind?)
The result of the stainless steel mathani used to make buttermilk


To conclude we can confidently say that the stainless steel mathani did save us a lot of time. Plus, there was no manual rotation required and the grip was great too. The durability depends on the quality of the product you buy but it is definitely a long-lasting product. The wooden mathani took a lot of time to make the same level of froth as the stainless steel one.

A big thumbs up for the stainless steel mathani from Team Mishry!

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  1. I hope it’s easy to clean also. Sounds interesting. A must have for all Indian households. Thank you

  2. I’ll definitely buy this for my mom. Thanks mishry. Keep it up.

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