Substitute For Maple Syrup: Alternatives With Similar Sweetness

The caramelized sweet flavor provided by maple syrup is tough to compete against, and sometimes the perfect maple syrup substitute might be hard to find. However, many other sweetening agents can prove to be great substitutes for maple syrup, like honey. Here's a list of the best alternatives to maple syrup that are quick to find in your kitchen.

Obtained from the sugary sap of maple tree, the sweet taste of maple syrup is quite unmatched. The hint of caramel blended with the flavor of toffee gives it a rather unique flavor. However, apart from being a sweet-tooth satisfying syrup, it can sometimes be had to come across the one that has just the right taste, or even when you do, its price could very well burn a hole in your pocket. If these are some of your concerns, then you might want to look for some other alternatives that can prove to be a worthy substitute for its sweet flavor.

Maple Syrup Substitutes: What You Should Look For?

Since we are looking for the substitutes of maple syrup, it goes without saying that you must look for something that has the same amount of sweetness associated with its flavor. Apart from the taste factor, the other factors concerned with the use of maple syrup is its availability and cost. Thus, you must look for other alternatives that are cheaper as compared to maple syrup and also are easily available.

In order is a list of some popular substitutes used as a sweetening:

1. Sugar  

Sugar would in fact be the most obvious choice as a sweetening substitute, and that is why it is the first item on our list. In a majority of baked goods, sugar can replace maple syrup; however, due to its low-sweetening property as compared to maple syrup, the quantity of sugar added must be 25% more than the quantity of syrup that was supposed to be added.

substitute for maple syrup
Sugar is one of the most common sweetening agent used in almost all of sweet dishes.

2. Molasses

Molasses is the other half of sugarcane extract (the first half being sugar) that is used as a flavoring agent and offers a sweet-caramelized flavor. Though molasses can be as expensive as maple syrup, you could consider it however if you want to go for an alternative that is less sweet, as most of the sucrose is removed during its extraction. Thus, it is a great substitute if you are looking to control your blood glucose levels.

3. Honey

There could be nothing closer to maple syrup than honey. Both of them have the same thickness, the same amber-like color, and not to mention the sweetness that dominates both of their tastes. All these factors prove that maple syrup can be replaced by honey in almost all of the recipes (yes, it goes well with pancakes too!).

substitute for maple syrup
Honey is a great sweetening agent that can be used in a lot of dishes as an alternative to maple syrup.

4. Corn Syrup

Though lacking terms of sweetness, corn syrup might just be the most inexpensive alternative for maple syrup. In fact, it is also a secondary ingredient in the maple syrups that you’ll find in the supermarket. Even after being completely colorless, corn syrup has the same texture as maple syrup, which makes it a great substitute. But corn syrup is not healthy and ideally is best if avoided.

Recipe For A Perfect Substitute for Maple Syrup

Even if the substitutes can easily sweeten your meal, it might lack that same intense flavor. However, what if we were to tell you that you can mix any two of its substitutes along with other ingredients to prepare a sweetening agent that has a distinct maple-syrup like taste? Here is a sample recipe that might help you in preparing a great substitute for maple syrup.

Things You’ll Require:

  • Brown Sugar (1 cup)
  • White Sugar (About ½ cup)
  • Butter (1 teaspoon)
  • Water ( 1 Cup)
  • Vanilla extract

Steps For Preparation:

  • The first step in the preparation involves the caramelizing of the white sugar.
  • Boil the water in a different saucepan and add brown sugar to it so that it dissolves perfectly.
  • To this mix of melted brown sugar add the caramelized white sugar and stir thoroughly.
  • In order to balance out the sweetness of the mixture, add vanilla extract and butter to the same mix and stir well until you get a thick texture with the desired consistency.

This substitute will work great with pancakes as it has a taste as distinct and unique as maple syrup. So, if you are looking for some alternatives that’ll sweeten your meal, make sure that you take a look at their availability and price, for a good substitute is the one that meets both of these factors and delivers that sweet punch to the preparation. - Reviews That Matter
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