The Best Hot Chocolate Powder in India - Mishry Reviews

The Best Hot Chocolate Powder in India – Mishry Reviews

Melted chocolate, warm milk, and a cozy blanket! We tried three brands of hot chocolate – Hershey’s, Cadbury, and Christopher Cocoa. Who will win the title of the best hot chocolate powder in India?

American television series, if nothing else, has brought about a tremendous change in the way we eat and celebrate today. Enjoying a mug of hot chocolate during the winter season included. Hot chocolate is a delicious milk-based beverage that is flavored with melted chocolate or chocolate powder. We reviewed three popular brands of hot chocolate powder to find out which brand makes the tastiest mug of instant hot chocolate. After a tasting session that brought out the 7-year-old in us, we picked Hershey’s Hot Chocolate as our Top Pick. We Also Recommend Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate. Here’s how it went. The Best Hot Chocolate Powder in India is..

Top Pick

Hershey’s Hot Chocolate powder gave us the richest, smoothest and tastiest mug of hot chocolate.

MRP – Rs 210/-*

Net weight – 250 grams

*Price at the time of review

Why we chose Hershey’s Hot Chocolate as our Top Pick

We were looking for a mug of hot chocolate that came closest to what traditional hot chocolate served around Xmas and New Year’s tastes like, one that mimics and evokes the feeling of drinking liquid chocolate. Our Top Pick, Hershey’s Hot Chocolate did just that! 

The mug of hot chocolate made using Hershey’s was the tastiest, and had the richest chocolate aroma and flavor. The smooth, creamy consistency, along with the warmth you expect out of a good quality hot chocolate came from Hershey’s Hot Chocolate. The drink felt almost celebratory! The sweetness levels of Hershey’s Hot Chocolate is also balanced and no extra sugar is required. This leaves room to add toppings like marshmallows or chocolate chips if you wish to.

Even while dry-tasting the Hershey’s Hot Chocolate, the chocolate flavor and aroma were the most intense in comparison to our other contenders.

The instructions mention using 4 teaspoons (20 grams) of the hot chocolate powder in a cup of milk. The chocolate powder mixes well with the milk.

The color of the hot chocolate powder is medium-dark, and it contains 29% cocoa solids. This is priced at Rs 210/- for a 250-gram jar at the time of review.


Also Recommended

The hot chocolate made using Cadbury’s is sweeter and cheaper than our Top Pick.

MRP – Rs 175/-*

Net weight – 200 gram

*Price at the time of review

Why we also recommend Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate

Our mug of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate was the sweetest of all three. The signature milk-chocolate flavor we associated with Cadbury’s is very much present. That being said, the chocolate aroma and flavor found in Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate was not as intense or rich as our Top Pick by Hershey’s. The sweet, milkiness will be loved by people who have a sweet tooth.

The instructions mentioned using 2 heaped teaspoons (20 grams) of the hot chocolate powder in a cup of hot milk. The powder mixes easily in milk.

The color of the hot chocolate powder is light brown, and it contains 30% cocoa powder. This is priced at Rs 175/- for a 200-gram jar making it a value for money option in the hot chocolate section.

Who Is This Review For?

Children, teens, adults, and seniors! This review is for everyone who loves hot chocolate as a beverage but doesn’t want to get into the hassle of making some at home from scratch. If you are a fan of chocolate milk in general, adding a spoonful of this powder can satisfy those cravings. If you are looking for a hot chocolate powder to celebrate the festival of Christmas, this review could come in handy!

How We Picked The Brands

We picked the popular brands of hot chocolate powder in India which are available online and offline as well. We did not consider products labeled as drinking chocolate for this review. The nutritive aspect was not the criteria for us to choose the brands for the review. In addition to Hershey’s and Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate, we also picked Christopher Cocoa as a possible option for those looking for unsweetened hot chocolate powders. Of course, the product packaging clearly mentions that it can be used to make hot chocolate, so we added this as our third contender.

The Brands We Picked

Our contenders – 

  1. Hershey’s Hot Chocolate
  2. Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate
  3. Christopher Cocoa Drinking Cocoa

The Parameters

The parameters for our Hot Chocolate Review included the following – 

    1. Aroma – How strong or mild is the chocolate aroma during the dry tasting session and when we tasted it with milk, in hot chocolate form?
    2. Chocolate flavor – We were looking for the hot chocolate powder that delivered on the ‘liquid chocolate’ promise during the taste test. How rich and intense was the chocolate flavor? Was the sweetness overbearing or subtle? Did the chocolate flavor shine through? 

We also checked if the hot chocolate powder mixed well in milk but the final decision depended on one main question – which hot chocolate powder gave us the tastiest, richest mug of hot chocolate?

How We Reviewed

We divided our review process into two broad stages – 

Stage 1 – Dry tasting

Stage 2 – Making the hot chocolate for the taste test (Mishry Secret Sauce)

For Stage 1, we checked for aroma, color, and taste. Here, we noted which hot chocolate powder delivered the maximum chocolate flavor. 

For Stage 2, we made several cups of hot chocolate using 4 teaspoons of the chocolate powder with 200ml of full cream milk. We did not add sugar to Hershey’s or Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate as they were already sweetened. We did add half a tablespoon of white sugar to Christopher Cocoa Drinking Cocoa as it was unsweetened. No extra flavors like vanilla or cinnamon or toppings like marshmallows were added as we wanted to check for the original flavor.

Dry inspection of the hot chocolate powders.
Tasting the hot chocolate with milk.

Quick Comparison – Brands Of Hot Chocolate 

Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Christopher Cocoa Drinking Cocoa
Price Rs 175/- Rs 210/- RS 250/-
Net Weight 200 grams 250 grams 200 grams
Color Light Medium-dark Dark
Does It Mix Well? Yes Yes No
Flavor notes
  • Sweetest
  • Milky chocolate flavor
  • Tastiest
  • Balanced sweetness
  • Intense, rich chocolate flavor
  • Unsweetened
  • Lacks the chocolate richness

Table of Contents

Results Of Our Review

Our weekday included Christmas carols and hot chocolate! We could feel the festive spirit tingling in our bones when we were tasting hot chocolate at the Mishry HQ. After multiple side-by-side tasting sessions, we selected Hershey’s Hot Chocolate (Top Pick) as the best hot chocolate powder in India. The rich chocolate aroma and taste found in the hot chocolate made using Hershey’s is unbeatable. We Also Recommend Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate because it made a delicious mug of hot chocolate and is value for money as well.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

Food & Beverage is a constantly evolving segment with new products launched daily. Our endeavor here is to help shoppers buy better. If there’s a product you would like us to review tell us by clicking here.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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