12 Popular Wheat Atta Brands In India

12 Popular Wheat Atta Brands In India

Do you know about ‘Best wheat flour atta brands in India? It’s best to eat fresh atta. Here is the list of best wheat flour brands that you can buy. Know more from here.

It’s a known fact – India is obsessed with their rotis but what are the best atta brands that you can buy? Fresh atta rotis or chapatis are part of every Indian’s staple diet and any meal is incomplete without a hot, puffed up fresh atta roti. To make fresh atta rotis, you will need atta (obviously). But nowadays there are so many atta brands and while purchasing it’s very confusing to choose best wheat flour atta brands in India. The atta brand and quality of atta (wheat flour) you use also determines the texture and taste of the fresh atta chapatis. You can make chapatis, naan, parathas, poori, cookies, cakes, and many other dishes using whole wheat flour.

best popular brands atta in India
Atta Brands In India

There were times when every household had fresh atta from chakki. The grains were washed, dried and coarsely ground to form a drum full of whole wheat flour. With changing times and fast paced lives, store bought, pre-ground wheat flours started flooding in the market. Presently, with one click you can get wheat atta delivered to your home. There are numerous atta brands in India from which you can choose. Here is a list of best atta brands in India –

Best Atta Brands In India

There are many atta brands in India but it’s difficult to choose right atta brand. Nowadays, market is filled with wheat flour brands and it’s becoming hard to choose atta brands which provides wheat flour as close to fresh atta. There are many atta brands in India, so to choose from these atta brands we have curated a list of popular atta brands to make your shopping for wheat flour easier. Here you can have a look for best wheat flour atta brands in India.

1. Aashirvaad Atta


In 2002, ITC entered the atta market with it’s atta brand called as Aashirvaad atta. Aashirvaad is one of the most prominent atta brands in India. Wheat grains used to make this fresh atta are sourced directly from farmers through 6500 choupals. High-quality, golden amber colored wheat grains are used for making wheat flour or we can say fresh atta. The wheat they use comes from seven different districts of Madhya Pradesh. They use the three steps for refining wheat grains. In India you will see Aashirvaad atta brand in most of the households. Aashirvaad also has many range of products and it also have many kind of fresh atta as well.

2. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

Fortune Chakki Atta

Fortune is a brand under Adani Wilmar Limited. It is one of the most reliable and popular oil and atta brands in India. It is known for the production of plant based oils. Fortune atta comes in three sizes – 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packing. This fiber rich atta is easily available online as well as in local grocery stores. Fortune name was mainly associated with oil but now it’s popular for wheat flour as well. This brand comes under one of the best wheat flour atta brands in India.

3. Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta

Annapurna atta brand comes under Hindustan Unilever Limited. Annapurna atta was launched in 1998. The grains are selected and cleaned three times before milling and grinding. The pack claims that the flour absorbs and retains more water content that help in making the rotis softer and puffier. Atta brand also promises to provide tasty as well as nutritious wheat atta to its consumers. It is also one of the most trusted atta brand in India.

4. Shakti Bhog Atta

Established in the 1981, Shakti Bhog atta is a popular atta brand in India. Shakti Bhog atta is made using the choicest of wheat grains. They are meticulously cleaned before the grinding procedure. To grind the grains, a slow procedure is used which helps in retaining the natural taste and aroma of the whole wheat flour. Shakti Bhog brands has range of products including daliya, besan, poha etc.

5. Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta by Cargill India


In October 2012, Cargill India introduced a brand called Nature Fresh in India. The name of the atta is Nature Fresh Sampoorna atta and comes in two varieties – Sampoorna Chakki Atta and Sampoorna Sharbati Atta. Nature Fresh atta uses high quality grains. The Sampoorna Sharbati Atta uses grains procured from Madhya Pradesh. And now it’s considered as one of the best wheat flour atta brand in India.

6. Organic Tattva Wheat Flour

Mehrotra Impex (India) entered the organic food market in 2012 with Organic Tattva. By it’s name you can think about it’s product quality. It is certified by USDA, Indian Organic Standard as well as the European Union. The C02 fumigation process is used to make the chemical-free Atta so that the meal is free from all the bacteria as well as infestations. This organic chakki atta has no additives. Because of this feature many people tend to buy this atta brand in India. This atta brand promises to give you organic wheat flour.

7. Laxmi Bhog Atta

Established in 1986 in Jaipur, Laxmi bhog atta has an Agmark certification. To make Laxmi bhog atta, wheat grains are sourced from Rajasthan. The company entered the besan market in 2004, aiming to cater to a larger audience. You can buy this atta brand easily online. 5 kg wheat flour is for rs. 170/- and 10 kg is for rs. 340.

8. Patanjali Atta

patanjali atta

Patanjali is an Indian brand that provides a vast range of products. These products include beauty products, food and beverages, health products and many more. It is one of the best Atta brands in India. It introduces the Arogya wheat flour in the market. Like many other atta brands, Patanjali atta claims to contains 0% maida and 100% pure wheat atta. Patanjali has a large number of consumer and it also considered as one of the best wheat flour atta brand in India.

9. TWF Organic Indie Wheat Flour

TWF Organic Indie Wheat Flour is one of the best wheat flour atta brand in India. The company also manufactures sharbati highland flour and Reliq flour. The packaging of this wheat flour is unique and smart. In addition to that, it uses high-quality grain for wheat flour. The flour is certified as 100% organic by USDA and India organic. There are no additives, no bleach and no preservatives and this is the biggest plus point of this atta brand.

10. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta

Pillsbury (General Mills India) is one of the most popular atta brands in India. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta was introduced in India in 1998. The multi-grain version of the atta was introduced in 2008 as the Indian population grew more conscious of their fiber intake. Pillsbury also does yummy cake mixes that are oven and cooker friendly.

11. Rajdhani Chakki Atta

It is one of the best atta brands in India certified by agmark, cftri, and frac, Rajdhani chakki atta is a renowned atta brand in the Indian market. MP Sharbati Atta, Missi Roti Atta and Tandoori Roti Atta are some other varieties that Rajdhani produces. Other kitchen staples like sooji, maida, pulses, poha, besan, and vermicelli are also produced by Rajdhani. In India, Rajdhani atta brand is one of the popular choice among people for wheat flour.

12. 24 Mantra Organic Whole Wheat Atta

24 mantra organic

Made using the old school, traditional method, 24 Mantra Organic Whole Wheat Atta ensures that the nutritive value isn’t lost while processing. 24 Mantra Organic also does a lot of other staples like pulses, brown rice, idly rice, oils, spices and more. It’s 5 kg atta is for Rs. 246/-. Brand claims that all the products are 100% organic and this is main reason of it’s popularity.


In the end, the above mentioned are the best and most popular atta brands in India. No meal in India is complete without some hot Indian breads like rotis, poori, parathas, naan or kulchas. There are many atta brands in India. Firstly, it’s very important to choose atta brands wisely so that you can get benefits. Secondly, it’s also very important to know about your atta brands that you use or choose. Read all the ingredients on atta brands thoroughly before making a choice. Everyone wants to eat good old fresh atta. At last it becomes your responsibility to be wise buyer.

Not only that, with changing times, people are also making pasta, pasta sauces, cookies, cakes and pancakes using whole wheat flour. After reading this post you will achieve some clarity about which atta brands to choose for your everyday use and what are the best wheat flour atta brands in India.


  1. Which is the best atta in India?

    There are many atta brands in India like :
    1) Aashirvaad Atta
    2) Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta
    3) Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta
    4) Shakti Bhog Atta
    5) Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta
    6) Organic Tattva Wheat Flour
    7) Laxmi Bhog Atta
    8) Patanjali Atta
    9) TWF Organic Indie Wheat Flour
    10) Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta
    11) Rajdhani Chakki Atta
    12) 24 Mantra Organic Whole Wheat Atta

  2. Why is whole wheat flour good for you?

    There are many benefits of whole wheat atta such as it is rich is nutrients like iron, protein, calcium. It can be easily added in a diet.

  3. Is whole wheat flour good for weight loss?

    Whole wheat atta can be a good addition in weight loss diet. It can give you many benefits when added in right amount.

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